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Best Qatar Airways Qsuite Trip Report Videos

by european travelblogger Lisa


The Qatar Airways QSuite in the Boeing 777-300ER sets new standards and surpasses all previous ones. In the past, flying was an absolute luxury, and the price of an airline ticket was accordingly, but you also got really excellent service. While nowadays all the low-cost airlines are constantly pushing each other down in price, and even considered offering “standing room” on planes to be able to sell even more tickets, other airlines are taking a distinctly different approach.


Qatar Airways, recently again named the best airline in the world, combines luxury while flying with affordable prices. The latest seating concept on board the Boeing 777-300ER is the Qatar Airways Qsuite. As this article goes online I am currently sitting in such a Qsuite, on the long way from Doha to Australia, so more details on the “First Class in Business” will follow soon. In preparation for my first Qatar Airways QSuite flight, I have of course been watching all sorts of reviews and trip reports on YouTube to only increase my already huge anticipation. While some videos were rather “naja”, here below are my favorite videos about the Qsuite. After just one video, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is probably the best way to travel!?
By the way, the correct spelling is Qsuite, not Q-Suite 😉

My favorites of Qatar Airways Qsuite Trip Report videos on YouTube

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