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Neapolitan Pizza in Baden-Baden

If you want to enjoy Neapolitan Pizza in Baden-Baden, you have to visit Mamma Lina ‘87 at Lange Strasse. Near the Festspielhaus, this cosy Restaurant offers authentic Italian food for on-site dining as week as take-away. The Restaurant is so famous and popular, they are soon even launching their own cookbook. Certainly, another guarantee for delicious Neapolitan Pizza in Baden-Baden. Read below about my experience.

Neapolitan Pizza in Baden-Baden for takeaway

Yearning for a cosy takeout meal to be enjoyed at the hotel, the decision soon fell on Mamma Lina ‘87. Conveniently it was located just across the street from our Hotel, the Roomers in Baden-Baden. If you want to order something directly from their website, even for take out, the minimum amount per order is 35€. Hence it’s recommended to give them a quick call to order your meal, if you are buying just a few items.

At noon, they only confirmed a preparation time of just 15 minutes for one pizza and a small side salad. The side salad turned out to be a green leaf salad topped with colourful red and yellow tomatoes with a creamy balsamic dressing. For the Neapolitan Pizza, we went with Pizza Pompeji, for 13€. This Pizza is topped with San Marzano Tomatoes, Ricotta, Mozzarella di Bufala and San Daniele Crudo ham.
The combination of this light side salad and Neapolitan Pizza has been just right. The salad was tasty, the pizza itself as well, even though I would choose a different topping the next time. They do offer so many innovative flavour combinations and shapes of pizzas (a bow-shaped pizza!?), I would surely go a bit more confident in trying something new the next time! They even offer pizza with Truffle or a yellow tomato base. Get adventurous with your order for Neapolitan pizza in Baden-Baden at Mamma Lina ‘87!

Mamma Lina ‘87
Address: Lange Str. 83, 76530 Baden-Baden
Opening hours: dial noon – 22 pm

Pizza Pompeji Neapolitan Pizza in Baden-Baden

Salad and Pizza Baden-Baden
Salad and Pizza in Baden-Baden

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