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3 x Palermo Day Trip Itinerary

Palermo, this enchanted pearl on the Sicilian coastline. Lots of history lies in the cobblestone paths across the city, good and bad. Palermo offers so much to explore for tourists, from architecture to food, to traditions and so much in between. If you want to discover more of beautiful Sicily, in this short article I have summarised 3 Day Trip Itineraries from Palermo for you. To be more flexible, it would be recommended to take a (rental) car. The major routes can be accomplished by train as well, but keep their probably un-frequent travel schedule in mind. It’s best to take the penultimate journey of the day, in case the last one of the day doesn’t run… However, usually trains run quite a on time in Italy, but be prepared of maybe older stock by national operators here in the south, compared to the more flourishing north.

For tips on which Smartphone Apps, I recommend for train travel in Italy, check out my post: Before boarding a Train in Italy you need these Smartphone Apps. To check out the individual train schedules, visit

Three-day trips to take from Palermo

Cefalu from Palermo Day Trip Itinerary

From Palermo, you can easily take a direct regional train to Cefalu. Make sure you take the direct/fast one, as some connections will require you to change trains.

Train from Palermo to Cefalu – R 12878
Departure: 09:38 am
Arrival: 10:26 am

Train from Cefalu to Palermo – R 12999
Departure: 8.04 pm
Arrival: 09:06 pm

Messina from Palermo Day Trip Itinerary

Train from Palermo Centrale to Messina Centrale – RE 5354
Departure: 08:27 am
Arrival: 11:11 am

Train from Messina to Palermo – RE 5369
Departure: 5:14 pm
Arrival: 8:05 pm

Trapani from Palermo Day Trip Itinerary

Train from Palermo to Trapani, with one change of trains in: Piraineto – R 21725 & R 21871
Departure: 10:12 am
Arriva: 2:22 pm

Train from Trapani to Palermo, with one change of trains in: Piraineto – R 21882 & R 21766
Departure: 6.09 pm
Arriva: 10:47 pm

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