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Overview of all night trains in the world (in 2020)

All night trains in the world, combined in a practical map. Right now, when the topic of sustainability finally gets more attention when it comes to travel and vacation, night trains come into play. Travelling by plane is harmful to the environment, the subsequent CO2 offsetting is nice, but the emissions still arose primarily. So that emissions do not occur, sustainable transport options should be used. Probably the most practical is train travel. Especially in Europe, it is easy to get from country to country; there are many high-speed trains and also many cross-border trains. But on other continents, there are of course absolutely world-class train connections ( Shinkansenin Japan, the Bullet Trains, for example). However, as a tourist, if you are used to arriving at your destination within a few hours, one of the first no-go criteria is often “but the train journey takes so long! I lose so much time! I don’t want to waste my vacation travelling by train” — definitely some legit facts. For example, if you only have seven days of vacation, you don’t want to waste an entire day on arrival and then again on departure. This is where the night trains come into play.

If you took off by plane often in the early morning and then landed around noon, you were usually in your hotel in the afternoon at the latest, and sometimes for hours on the beach. Yes, this is also possible when travelling by train. For example, you can get on the train in Munich in the evening at around 8 p.m., have a leisurely breakfast, and get off the train (hopefully) rested in Roma Termini at half-past 10. From Rome, it is only about one hour to Naples, or if you get off the night train in Florence, you will reach the famous seaside resort Forte dei Marmi at 08:51 (early enough to take part in the breakfast buffet at your hotel. On the first day of your holiday). Or, you lock your luggage in Rome at the train station, explore the city, enjoy delicious gelato and espresso, and then get on the night train to Sicily (Cefalu, Palermo,..) in the evening.
Of course, this is just an example, because there are so many night trains in Europe! You can go to Spain, Norway, England, Croatia, and practically anywhere. Even the ” Paris to Stanboul Orient Express” runs one-time fee per year, such as in August for only from 35,000 € per person! If you have more time, you can even take the Trans-Siberian Railway to Asia. And from there to buses and trains to any other country.

But before you plan a trip, you should of course first know where trains are going. And especially also on which routes night trains are offered at all. As is well known, Deutsche Bahn had withdrawn from the night train business, currently to the great advantage of the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB. The Twitter user @JugCerovic has created a particular website to facilitate the search for night trains worldwide. Hours of work that really pay off, for us. Did you know that there are night trains, even in America? Or also in Australia or South Africa? Or even so many night train connections in Europe or Russia? A look at the website with the appropriate name is certainly always worth it! All night trains in the world sorted on a map and by region and destination! Here is a direct link to the extensive PDF of the overview world map including the registered night trains:

Source cover picture: Twitter

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