italo Train from Naples to Rome in Italy

italo Train Naples Rome JoydellaVita

If you want to travel long distance by Train in Italy there are two options or two operating companies. Trenitalia and italo high-speed trains. To travel from Naples to Rome in Italy I’ve chosen italo as they had great deals for return trips. Only 26,89 ‚ā¨ for two train rides, from Naples and Rome and from Rome to Naples again. Of course in the lowest italo category, ‘smart‘. In higher classes amenities like Lounge Access in the Train Stations, magazines or Drinks/Snacks on Board are included. I’ll rather buy a Cornetto Croissant at the Station and travel the cheapest possible. As the italo Fast Train from Naples to Rome takes only 1 hour anyway it was more than okay this way. At two destinations in the Train are vending machines, if you need something to drink or snack anyway.

My italo Train 9984 from Naples, with the next Stop Rome, departed at Napoli Centrale Train Station. The final destination was Venezia, Venice. This, unfortunately, meant that the platform was announced only 10 minutes before departure. And officially the doors of the Train close 2 minutes prior departure. But it was actually funny to watch hundreds of people, formerly standing in front the displays, to run all into the same direction once they saw the Gate was published. My italo Train to Rome was shining in this beautiful dark-red colour and thanks to electronic displays at the platform I found my Train easily. To travel by High-Speed Trains in Italy is only possible with seat reservations. If the Train is fully booked, it is sold out and there are no standing places or hanging around on corridors. Read more about my previous Train Travels in Italy.
An amenity I really liked on Board the italo Train, free for everyone, is the WiFi and Media Access. Easiest is to sign up for the italo loyalty program and receive free WiFi, therefore. Besides Internet Access, you can browse the news, watch movies, listen to selected music or check the current location of the Train. All on your own device, while the Train is blasting with 300 km/h through the Countryside.

Time Table italo Train 9984 from Naples via Rome to Venice

Station – Arrival – Departure
ROMA TERMINI 10.05 10.15
ROMA TIBURTINA 10.23 10.25
FERRARA 12.57 12.59
PADOVA 13.33 13.35
VENEZIA MESTRE 13.48 13.50


Where to book your italo Train Ticket in Italy

There are multiple ways to book your italo Train Ticket in Italy. Probably the most convenient ones are to do so via their smartphone App or on their Website Of course, you can also visit one of their Ticket Offices or get your Ticket at a Ticket Vending Machine.
As of my own experience, the people at the Ticket Offices aren’t very fluent in English, I would only recommend them if you either speak Italian or don’t have complicated questions.
If you book your Ticket online you will receive a Ticket Number. For validation in the Train this is the only thing you need. No printed out ticket, no QR-Codes, just the number (on your smartphone). In theory you could save it on your App but on my Android Phone the italo App is crashing all the time (I did a Screenshot once it worked and showed the Screenshot, zoomed into the Ticket number).

Taking the italo Train from Naples to Rome in Italy

italo Train Naples Rome JoydellaVita
Trenitalia Train and italo (right)

italo Train Naples Rome JoydellaVita

italo Train Naples Rome JoydellaVita
italo ‘smart’

italo Train Naples Rome JoydellaVita

italo Train Naples Rome JoydellaVita
power outlets on every seat
italo Train Naples Rome JoydellaVita
300 km/h from Naples to Rome
italo Train Naples Rome JoydellaVita
timetable at Naples Napoli Centrale Train Station

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