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all-night take-out Pizza in Palermo by Dima’s

Enjoy take-out Pizza in Palermo at Dima’s. When in Italy, you do not always want to enjoy any meal at a Restaurant. Especially in a city such as Palermo, where street food and eating outside are so prominently established in the general culture. It’s just more a way of living in this city than having a meal inside and sitting. Hence, a good take-out place is crucial. In the capital of the autonomous region of Sicily, you can enjoy an all-night Pizza take-out at Dimas. Situated just a block away from the famous Teatro Politeama, you can enjoy Pizza from 6 pm in the evening all the way until 4 am in the morning. Relishing a full night out followed by hot Pizza, this is your place!

late night take-out Pizza in Palermo

For my own take-out Pizza in Palermo, I went for a veggie Pizza. At the time of my visit for only 5,50 Euros: Pizza Parmigiana. This regular-sized Pizza is topped with Pomodoro (tomato sauce), Mozzarella cheese, and Melanzane (aubergine) as well as finished off with Grana Padano Parmesan cheese. For their current menu, check out their website HERE. Besides Pizza, they also offer Panini Sandwiches. Examples for both, are Pizza Margherita for 4,50 Euros or a Panino Speck for 3 Euros.

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I did not pre-order my Pizza, but went over to their place and waited on site. Pizza anyway only takes a few minutes to cook in a hot oven, if the restaurant is not too busy you can easily wait onsite. Dimas also offers limited spaces for eating inside their Restaurant, so you do not necessarily have to eat your take-out Pizza in Palermo on the go, you can also eat it inside.
Taste-wise, it hasn’t been the best Pizza I’ve ever eaten, I still dream about this Pizza from Pisa, but definitely a good one for a good value for money. I can recommend Dimas Pizza Palermo!

Address: Via E. Amari, 110, 90139 Palermo PA, Italy
Opening hours: 6 pm – 4 am, daily

Dimas take-out Pizza in Palermo Pizza Parmigiana Pomodoro Mozzarella Melanzane Grana Padano
Dimas Pizza Palermo – Pizza Parmigiana Pomodoro Mozzarella Melanzane Grana Padano

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