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Delicious Pizza at Golfo Restaurant Lugano Paradiso near the Lake

Pizza should be among your “you have to eat” dishes when visiting Italy. But on a visit to Switzerland? Sure, especially in south-eastern Switzerland. As Switzerland, not only borders to Italy, also the culture in regions such as Ticino is pretty much Italian. In Lugano Paradiso, I was looking for a Restaurant with Pizza in a nice location and went to Golfo Restaurant at Riva Paradiso. Only a quite well-frequented street separated me with the shores of Lake Lugano. Among their several Pizza, I went for the Bufalina Pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella, arugula, cherry tomatoes & buffalo mozzarella for 16 CHF (13,78€). Quite a hefty price, at first, sure, it’s Switzerland none the less, and I was expecting something delicious. Therefore it was okay for me… and I did not get disappointed. Within just a matter of time, this deliciously looking round piece of heaven arrived. Plenty of cheese, lots of arugulas, and fresh cherry tomatoes – perfect for a mellow summer evening.

Address Golfo Ristorante & Pizzeria Lugano

Riva Paradiso 4
6900 Paradiso

Pictures of my Bufalina Pizza at Golfo Restaurant in Lugano Paradiso

Bufalina Pizza Lugano Paradiso Golfo Restaurant
Bufalina Pizza in Lugano Paradiso at Golfo Restaurant with buffalo mozzarella

Bufalina Pizza Lugano Paradiso Golfo Restaurant

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