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May it be a person you really really like or someone you absolutely can’t stand, appearing in someone’s history of people that viewed a story on Instagram is sometimes not in your intention. This is something completely understandable, and luckily there is an easy solution to this problem.

After Instagram launched Insta Stories, most users seemed to be very sceptical about this new feature. There is already snapchat, why sharing those short video snippets on two apps? That’s ridiculous… but after a first phase of testing both, almost everyone moved over to post experiences on Instagram Stories only. As time passed more and more features were added to Insta Stories. All the face filters, the texts, the gif’s that can be added. Or the swipe up function. But also the statistics.

If you have ever shared something on your personal Instagram account, you might have checked back to find out how many people watched your story. What, your best friend didn’t watch your latest Insta Story yet? How provocative! Or, wait, some random people watched your stories? If your profile is public, your content might be viewed by people you don’t know. But in return, if you watch someone else’s stories, you appear in their list as well. Especially if it’s someone you don’t like, or maybe the story of a colleague from work or university, it would be better to stay unknown and watch insta stories absolutely anonymous.

Quick explanation: how to watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

The solution to this problem is called “Stories IG“. This website allows you to watch the Instagram Stories of every person with a public profile. All you need to do is click the link above, open the website, type or copy/paste the name of the account, hit enter, and all the viewable stories will be shown. Each Story is one individual clip; you can either watch it in your browser as often as you want or download it to save it permanently on your device. This website works on both computers and smartphones/tablets. An absolutely safe way to watch the content, but not showing up on their list. Both an easy and excellent solution (to unquestionably ghost someone 👻👻)

Keep in mind that you, still, are only able to watch the 100 latest stories that have been posted within the last 24 hours. A new feature actually is to be able to view the saved highlights as well. Check it out for my profile here:

Instagram Stories Download
Instagram Stories Download


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