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Ways to Prevent Boredom During Long Trips

Travel is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of life. Whether taking a break every so often or embarking upon a nomadic lifestyle, the opportunity to see new places is a great way to enrich yourself. However, between the magical moments of discovering new places and meeting new people, there is usually a lot of waiting around for various modes of transport. It can be mind-numbingly boring to sit around at an airport or train station for hours with nothing to do. Here are a few ways to keep yourself occupied throughout those lulls in activity.

Bring Entertainment

It might sound obvious, but remembering to pack a few things to keep you busy between destinations can be tricky, especially if you’re more focused on keeping track of your passport and tickets. Having a couple of books is always a good idea, and even better if you can afford an e-reader to avoid the added weight of hard copies. Handheld electronic games with their charger can pass the time, as well as tablets and laptops. Take a look at Unibet if you have internet access, and your plane will have arrived before you know it.

Explore Your Surroundings

If you prefer to pack light and don’t want to risk losing your valuable tech abroad, take the time to explore while you wait for your transport. Keep your luggage with you and go for a walk nearby, even if it’s just through the airport or station. Your body will thank you for the opportunity to stretch your legs before potentially cramped plane seats. You might find a good café or shop to spend time in while you wait that you maybe wouldn’t have noticed had you stayed put. If your phone has a camera, give yourself a challenge of taking the artsiest photos in even the blandest locations.

Make Friends

Even the most introverted person can alleviate boredom by connecting with strangers. Strike up a conversation with the other people waiting – you already have that in common – and enjoy the brief contact you share. The pressure of social interaction is lifted due to the fact you are unlikely to meet this person ever again, and if you find that you get on well and would make good friends, you can swap contact information to stay in touch later. This is a great way of spending time in between trips because humans are social by nature and time interacting with others is rarely wasted, as mentioned here by Huffpost.

People Watch

If you’re too shy to talk to people around you, indulge in a bit of people watching (you can find out how to do this well at Psychology Today). Find a good vantage point without being creepy and make up stories in your imagination about the people you see. Not only can you pass a surprising amount of time doing this, but you can also increase your observation skills and awareness of your surroundings. If you have a notepad or sketchbook handy, catch quick doodles of people as they pass or jot down short stories based on how you imagine them as a character. Stretching your creativity not only kills time; it adds value to it.

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