Train Cattolica Gabicce Mare Monte
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Taking the Train to Cattolica / Gabicce Mare from Rimini / Riccione

The train station of Cattolica / Gabicce Mare can be a waypoint for various activities. A day at the beach, a day hiking and enjoying nature, or also to enjoy motor racing at the nearby race track. To me, there is nothing more convenient than taking a train in Italy. Just download the right apps to your smartphone, and you’re ready to go, and eventually informed on possible delays or updates on your upcoming journey. So it has been no surprise, I have taken the Train from my beach holiday destination to hike Gabicce Monte. The destination herefore is the station of the cities Cattolica / Gabicce Mare. Depending on the type of train, the fastest travel time is only 7 minutes from Riccione or 15 minutes from Rimini. You can just not go wrong by taking a train! The price, too, is very reasonable, with only 1,50 € from Riccione or 2,20 € from Rimini, one-way. For more info, I will soon publish an article about Smartphone Apps you need before boarding a train in Italy.

Train Cattolica Gabicce Mare Monte joydellavita

Train Cattolica Gabicce Mare Monte joydellavita


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