Palermo Airport Bus Transfer to Palermo City Centre – my experience

How do you get from Palermo Airport to the City Centre of Palermo? As the airport is situated roughly 35 km outside Palermo, and there is no train service available (at the moment), you have to rely on Transportation on wheels. You can choose from a Rental Car, Taxi, private Transfer (Chauffeur Service), or a Bus. As I didn’t want to get a rental Car, prices for Taxi’s with roughly 80-100€ for both ways were way too costly the only option I had was the Airport Bus Service. And it has been a good choice! The Palermo Airport Bus Transfer to Palermo City Centre runs almost all day, at a frequency of twice an hour. You can buy tickets online or on-site at the Airport or directly at the driver upon entering the bus. There are free WiFi and air-conditioning (very important in summer) available, and of course, your luggage is transported in the belly of the bus as well, for no further cost.

Palermo Airport Bus at the Airport

When leaving Palermo Airport, walk straight to the right until you find the signs for buses, this is where the Palermo Airport Bus will park. If you haven’t purchased your Ticket already online, you can do it still inside the Terminal right next to the first door to leave the building, or pay in cash at the driver. The buses depart each at :00 and :30 from the Airport, from 5:00 to 00:30 (from the City to the Airport from 4:00 – 22:30). As a Route usually takes 50 minutes, the buses should be at the Airport around 10 minutes before departure. Plenty of time to unload and load the bags, and getting comfortable at the seat.
What might be important to mention, everyone that already pre-purchased a Ticket will get priority upon boarding the bus. The remaining seats are filled with everyone purchasing the tickets upon entering. In case the bus is already full, you will have to wait for the next bus departing in 30 minutes. But, if you booked a Ticket for the 10:30 bus and your flight got delayed, you will only lose your priority, the ticket will remain valid for the rest of the day!

Ticket Prices for Palermo Airport Bus

Adults single 6,30€ return 11,00€
Adults Online Price single 6,00€ return 10,00€
Kids aged 3-12 single 4,00€ return 8,00€
Kids under the age of 3 are free
Abonnement for 12 rides per week 30,60€ or 60 rides per month 97,60€ (usually more suitable if you work at the Airport)

Each stop of the Palermo Airport Bus

Find below the timetables with each stop, for the Palermo Airport Bus from the Airport to the City, and from the City to the Airport. As the soles names of the stops didn’t give me a clue on their location, and which one I had to take, I created the following Google maps routes.

Palermo Airport Bus Stops from the Aeroporto
– Piazza Giulio Cesare / Stazione Centrale Palermo

A. Aeroporto
B. Via Belgio n. 2 – circa 20 minutes
C. Via Alcide De Gasperi n.82 – circa 25 minutes
D. Via Croce Rossa n. 56 – circa 25 minutes
E. Via Libertà n. 106 (and. Viale Lazio) – circa 30 minutes
F. Via Libertà n. 80 (ang. Via D’Annunzio) – circa 30 minutes
G. Via Libertà (di front alCivicoo n. 89) – circa 35 minutes
H. Via Libertà n. 42 (P.zza Croci) – circa 35 minutes
I. Via E. Amari n. 170 (Politeama) – circa 40 minutes
J . Via Roma (Vucciria) – circa 45 minutes
L. Piazza Giulio Cesare (Staz. Centrale) – circa 50 minutes

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Palermo Airport Bus Stops from Stazione Centrale – Aeroporto

A. Piazza Giulio Cesare (Staz. Centrale)
B. Via Roma (Rinascente) – circa 5 minutes
C. P.zza Ruggero Settimo n. 19 (Politeama) – 10 minutes
D.Via Libertà n. 45 (P.zza Croci) – 10 minutes
E. Via Libertà n. 95 (dopo P.zza A. Gentili) – circa 10 minutes
F. Via Libertà n. 171 (ang. Via Rutelli) – circa 15 minutes
G. and Libertà n. 203 (ang. Viale Lazio) – circa 15 minutes
H. Via Croce Rossa n. 125 – circa 20 minutes
I. Via Alcide De Gasperi 187 – circa 20 minutes
J. Via Belgio n. 25 (fermata AMAT) – circa 25 minutes
K. Aeroporto – circa 50 minutDopoermate Transallopo la Partenza dall’ Aeroporto

(don’t worry that this Route is in walking mode, instead of driving mode, but google marked some Roads as one-way streets and therefore too many detours are shown, therefore the walking mode for a nicer look)

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Palermo Airport Bus Stop at Politeama in front of Prada
Palermo Airport Bus Stop at Politeama in front of Prada
Palermo Airport Bus Shuttle
Palermo Airport Bus Shuttle Prices
Palermo Airport Bus Stop Sign
Palermo Airport Bus Stop Sign
View from the Palermo Airport Bus
View from the Palermo Airport Bus

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