Veggie Clubhouse Burger by McDonald’s Germany

by Lisa

The Veggie Clubhouse Burger by McDonald’s Germany is absolutely worth a try! Already back in May I tried the Veggie Burger at McDonald’s Italy, in honour of the annual EXPO in Milan, and I was pleasantly surprised. Surprised about how good this McD Burger tasted, and about the will to create Vegetarian alternatives to their regular Beef/Chicken/Fish Burgers. The Time has come and I start to like McDonald’s again.

At the Airport in Milan Malpensa, I ate at McDonald’s for the last time, in May, some spinach croquettes, and again, in November, in Germany. The Veggie Clubhouse Burger, and it was so good! Mc Donald’s added this Burger to their Menu already a while ago, but I never wanted to try it – okay, I wanted, but I didn’t want to go to McD – and I finally did.

The Veggie Clubhouse Burger is made out of a plain brioche bun, with no sesame or anything, a Quinoa-based Patty and the iconic Big Mac Sauce. Another toppings are red onions, one slice of their regular Toast-Cheese and some huge green salad leaves. The Veggie Clubhouse Burger is served in a typical McDonald’s Box, plus in a paper bag for easier eating. With my first bite, I tasted the Quinoa-Veggie-Patty, fresh salad and the creamy and delicious BigMac Sauce. This Sauce is one thing I miss the most about McDonald’s as a vegetarian. The Price of this Veggie Burger at McDonald’s Germany is in the usual price range for Burger at McD and I’ll definitely eat one again anytime soon.

Does McDonald’s offer Vegetarian Burger or Snacks in your Country as well?

 Veggie Clubhouse Burger McDonalds Germany  
Veggie Clubhouse Burger McDonalds Germany 

Veggie Clubhouse Burger by McDonald's Germany
Veggie Clubhouse Burger by McDonald’s Germany

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  • Neo
    15 - May - 2017 at 7:52 PM

    Is the BigMac sauce also vegetarian ?

  • t
    15 - February - 2016 at 8:56 PM

    DELICIOUS and healthy. This is the only meal that I eat when I go to McD, it is just that tasty.

  • Hommie
    7 - January - 2016 at 2:47 PM

    Awesome Post!

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