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vegetarian Sabich with Falafel at NENI Hamburg

Falafel and hummus, for me a dream combination. I particularly enjoy these oriental specialities from the international Restaurant and Food chain NENI. Originally from Vienna, with two branches there, there are NENI restaurants now also in cities like Zurich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Mallorca, and again in Hamburg. Again, because a few years ago the 25hours Hotel altes Hafenamt was affected by a fire, and so the NENI restaurant located inside the building. In 2020 it was finally reopened, and so I could of course hardly await to enjoy falafel, hummus and Co. from NENI once I was back in lovely Hamburg.

visiting NENI Hamburg Altes Hafenamt for the first time

Since I did not know before my visit how busy the NENI in Hamburgs Hafencity will be, I made a reservation for a table about two days before my visit. You can find a link to their website below in the contact details. And fortunately did I have a reservation, even if it was for just one person. By 6 pm the place quickly became busy.
Due to the current situation, NENI does not offer the usual, quite extensive, menu, but only some selected classics. The current menu can be found online as a PDF here. In the restaurant itself, the menu is also your placemat, so no shared menus are used, and your set will be thrown away afterwards. Great for hygiene.

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vegetarian Sabich in Hamburg

As a vegetarian, I have absolutely no trouble selecting something delicious at NENI. So far at NENI, as a repeat visitor, I have always eaten the same thing in rotation – three kinds of hummus on the etagere, vegetarian cigars, falafel and pita bread. But in Hamburg, I wanted to try something new, also since they didn’t have vegetarian cigars on offer,  I opted for the NENI Sabich. Served on a piece of pita bread, you can expect a real explosion of flavours. A little of each, and all extremely delicious to the usual-excellent NENI quality. For 15,60 euros (it was 15 € in 2020), the vegetarian sabich includes the following: baked eggplant, hummus, egg, tomato salsa, and tahina with amba. For 4,50 euros extra, they added 3 falafel balls. To drink, I opted for something refreshing, the NENI Limonada (homemade mint lemonade). As a greeting from the kitchen, there was Labneh with olives and delicious oil, a kind of yoghurt dish from the Levant, along with crusty bread for dipping.

The Sabich from NENI in the 25hours Hotel Hamburg Altes Hafenamt Hamburg was really delicious. You can cut slices directly (like a pizza), and have a little bit of everything on your fork. Especially the baked eggplant was dreamy! With the extra falafel, however, the dish was ultimately too much for me, I did not manage to eat the entire portion (to eat a Franzbrötchen only 4 hours before by visit to NENI was probably not a good idea…). So unfortunately I could not eat any of the desserts from NENI, at a coming NENI visit I definitely bring enough appetite for the Knafeh (similar to Turkish dessert Künefe).
Sitting outside, I spent a wonderful evening at NENI in the Alter Hafenamt in Hafencity, I can absolutely recommend the restaurant and will be happy to come back.

NENI Hamburg at 25hours Hotel Hamburg Altes Hafenamt
Address: Osakaallee 12 / entrance via Überseeboulevard, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: noon – 11 pm
Link to online table reservation:

Images: arabic dinner at NENI Hamburg Altes Hafenamt

Labneh with marinated Olives
Labneh with marinated Olives
Limonada and vegeterian Sabich with Falafel Balls
Limonada and vegeterian Sabich with Falafel Balls
sitting outside at NENI Hamburg altes Hafenamt
sitting outside at NENI Hamburg altes Hafenamt

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