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Sunset picnic at Lake Constance in Hard, Vorarlberg

Being close to Lake Constance, and letting the evening end in a relaxed way. During a sunset picnic on the shore of Lake Constance in Vorarlberg. Sitting directly on the shore of Lake Constance, enjoying a nice picnic and watching the sunset. Can a moment be any more perfect? It’s doubtful.. If you, too, want to enjoy a nice evening like this, you have to go to Hard in Austria. While Bregenz is usually always busy at its seaside promenade and public areas by the lake, Hard is usually a bit more relaxed. Hard is where the locals go to relax, while Bregenz is for the foreigners and tourists.

On the evening of my beautiful sunset picnic at Lake Constance in Vorarlberg, in Hard, plenty of people have already flocked the grassy areas by the pebbled shore of the Lake. Families with their children, groups of friends as well as teen groups. One group even brought a Diesel powered generator to support their professional music equipment. Just to listen to music by the water and enjoy the afternoon/evening. At least their taste in music was great, which enhanced my sunset picnic at Lake Constance in Hard even more.

Sunset Picnic at Lake Constance in Austria

As it was a spontaneous decision to end the evening by the lake, as everything on mountain Pfänder closed by 7 pm, there was no time for a homemade picnic. No homemade salads, no freshly baked breads and pastries, no artisanal butters nor berries or a cheese plate. The next best option was the following, grabbing something for take-away at the local fast food restaurant and bringing those goods to the picnic spot by the lakeshore. McDonalds Austria always offers great temporary products, you should check it out! Tip: get the McFish Burger (small burger bun, tomato ketchup and a fish patty) for just 2.90 Euro, and plenty of Fries and dips to share!

McDonalds Hard is merely 2 km from the limited parking at the lakeside area, “Parkplatz Wocherhafen“. If you are around by car, perfect, otherwise you can also walk this distance easily as well. Keep in mind you have to pay for parking at this parking spot. Just insert some coins into the machine to redeem a parking ticket, and you’re ready to go. Conveniently you can find big trash bins by the lake, make sure to clean up when leaving the nature park area. Hopefully you will have an as wonderful time at the sunset picnic on the shores of Lake Constance in Hard as I had. Don’t forget the bug spray or long sleeved clothes, as it gets quite chilly as soon as the sun sets!

​​Address Mc Donalds Hard: Rheinstraße 6, 6971 Hard, Austria on Google Maps
Address Parkplatz Wocherhafen: Achsiedlungsstraße, 6900 Bregenz, Austria on Google Maps

Pictures of my McDonalds sunset picnic at Lake Constance

McDonalds Hard Vorarlberg Lake Constance blog joydellavita

sunset Hard Vorarlberg Lake Constance blog joydellavita

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