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Recipe for quick herb butter – one serving


Herb butters can enhance and uplift meals in a variety of ways. May it be as a topping on freshly cooked or grilled veggies and meat, slowly melting away exposing its different flavors, or as a spread on a sandwich. Herb Butter should be one of the contents of every fridge. Not only in summer, year round! Instead of purchasing industry made portions, I have this excellent recipe for you. Those processed portions are often anyway way bigger than the servings you will actually need.
Simply prepare the exact serving size of this elevated butter with all the spices of your likings in no time at all. Either have it always on hand in your fridge or freezer, or take it with you to a nice picnic. Recreate this Recipe for one serving of a quick herb butter and always enjoy butter with an extra twist from now on!


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  • amount of Butter of your choice (can be either Cultured, Sweet-Cream, or Clarified
    or salted butter)
  • herbs and spices of your choice (fresh or dried, eg fresh parsley, mint, dill or basil, dried chili flakes, pepper and salt, curry, Paprika powder, dried herbs like a store-bought Provence-herb mix)

Instructions for a quick homemade herb butter

The instructional steps for this homemade herb butter are super easy. You will probably even question yourself why you haven’t prepared it this way yourself, and always bought packaged produce.

As a first step, your butter of choice should be at about room temperature, yet still slightly cooled (not liquid, but slightly soft!). Depending on how strong your fridge is cooling, the butter should be out for at least 5 minutes. Now take the desired amount of butter and place it in a mixing bowl type of dish. For just one single portion a coffee cup is more than sufficient. For larger amounts like a whole packet or even more, a kitchen blender might be needed.

homemade herb butter recipe blog joydellavita

After having placed the butter in the dish, season it with your desired amount of herbs. You can even add fruit to the mix, like lemon or berries! It’s recommended to add the herbs and spices one after another, to avoid over-spicing the butter. Once it’s too spicy or too salty or too peppery, the only option to reverse this mishap in this recipe is to add more butter.

Once you have added your desired flavours, simply stir them in. For my single serve herb butter I have used an Espresso cup and a simple fork for stirring and mashing everything up. The process of blending the spices and herbs in shouldn’t take more than about one minute. Simply incorporate all of the added ingredients and you’re ready.

How to enjoy homemade herb butter

Do a quick taste test if it tastes the way you like, add something more if desired. Now refrigerate again for at least 10 minutes so the butter gets a chance to cool down again. Either leave it in the cup you have just used to prepare the herb butter, or do something fancier, and roll the mixture in plastic wrap and roll the fresh herb butter as a long roll. This way the butter can be sliced off the roll later. Or fill the butter into a piping bag, squeeze out small shapes and refrigerate/freeze them properly before serving.

Immediately afterwards, the single serve herb butter can be more than enjoyed, bon appétit!

quick homemade herbed butter blog joy della vita


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    1. Hi Lindstrom, if you want a bigger serving or more servings of this herbed butter, simply adjust the ingredients to your desired amount of “more” 🙂 Simply double the ingredients, or 10x more 😉

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