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Current vegetarian options at McDonald’s Switzerland

Surprisingly, McDonald’s in Switzerland does offer quite a selection of Veggie Burgers. In the past, I already tried their past vegetarian burgers but wasn’t too happy about this Quinoa Patty with Curry Sauce. Just as McD in Austria did until a few years ago, the swiss McD’s offer crunchy Valess Schnitzel patties. Those are made out of milk protein and kind of resemble a chicken filet. Four Valess Burgers are available, as well as a Caesar Salad Veggie. Just because they are Veggie, it doesn’t automatically mean those four Burgers are healthy, their calorie count goes up to 524 kcal, just like regular McD Burgers. But that’s also a good sign, as it means they contain actual cheese and good sauces… Let me introduce those four Veggie Burgers at McDonald’s Switzerland in detail below.

So far I have only tried the Homestyle Tomato Veggie Burger and it has been divine. A thick veggie Schnitzel, freshness thanks to the tomatoes and lettuce, and two different yet very harmonious sauces. I can definitely recommend it. Also, it’s not too heavy with just 378 kcal (only marginally more than the Veggie Caesar Salad tho!) as it doesn’t contain cheese, which I also appreciate.

Vegetarian Burgers at McDonald Switzerland

Homestyle Honey Mustard Veggie524 kcal

The Ultimate Veggie Burger! A crispy veggie schnitzel in between a brioche bun, with lettuce, onions, Emmental cheese and a sweet and spicy honey mustard sauce. Calorie-wise the most intense one, but with the best ingredients. When in Switzerland, one should enjoy Emmental cheese and no processed cheese slices…

Homestyle Tomato Veggie378 kcal

A brioche bun with a valess veggie schnitzel, sliced tomatoes, lettuce as well as two sauces, one sandwich sauce on top and pepper sauce below.

McVeggie401 kcal

The classic veggie Burger, the McVeggie. A nice bread with sesame seeds, valess veggie schnitzel, iceberg lettuce and a mild sandwich sauce.

McVeggie Paprika441 kcal

The most petite of the veggie Burgers, the McVeggie Paprika. A crispy patty in between an IP-Suisse flour bread roll with a slice of processed cheese and a hearty pepper sauce.

Caesar Salad Veggie352 kcal

As mentioned above, the fifth Veggie offer at McDonald’s Switzerland is this Caesar Style Salad with shaved parmesan cheese, tomatoes, crispy croutons and a Valess Veggie Patty.

Homestyle Tomato Veggie Burge
Homestyle Tomato Veggie Burger in Zurich

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