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your Summer 2021 Bucket List for a perfect summer

Will you be able to cross everything off this Summer 2021 Bucket List? Call it Hot Girl Summer, After Corona Summer or finally the Summer of your Life. The Summer of 2021 is worth making it extra special. After 1.5 years of hibernation, having received the necessary amount of vaccinations will enable you some new kind of freedom. Going to Restaurants, travelling places, meeting (new) people. But most and foremost, making the most of the warm weather, and long days. Late Dinners outside lit by candles or the moon light alone, laughs and joys to no end. A favourite tune, a new found hobby or deepened friendship or an intense new relationship. Let’s all make the most out of the upcoming months with this inspiration for a Summer 2021 Bucket List. More than thirty ideas on how to spend this summer to its fullest. Nevertheless, still take care of yourself and others, and dont risk a corona-infection! No one wants another wave in early fall, so that everything grinds to a halt again….

Things to do these upcoming months – Summer 2021 Bucket List

  1. go on late evening walks
  2. write a summer journal, with at least one thing per day about what you did and what you are grateful for
  3. create your own go-to signature summer cocktail (with gin, prosecco, vodka, or all together? your rules, you decide!)
  4. learn a new skill/ start a new hobby
  5. don’t sleep in, wake up early, to start the day before it gets too hot
  6. go to bed late, super late and enjoy a full summer evening / night
  7. sleep with open windows, if possible
  8. watch the sunrise after you have enjoyed a wonderful summer night, or are you a super early riser?
  9. dont forget to apply SPF more than regularly
  10. curate your personal Summer 2021 music playlist – current chart hits, old classics, songs you used to sing during those long summers back in shool, … – you might want to take some inspiration of my summer 21 roadtrip playlist
  11. eat fresh, juicy melons (watermelon, honeydew melon)
  12. enjoy delicious ice cream sundaes
  13. make ice cream at home
  14. host a barbeque at home or in a public area (take care of wild fires!)
  15. swim in a lake
  16. host a movie night, for friends or your special someone (Netflix&Chill)
  17. shop fresh groceries at a farmers market
  18. read a great book – what about The Big Five for Life by John Strelecky, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: The First Novel By Quentin Tarantino or Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. T. Kiyosaki 
  19. Grill stone fruit such as peaches, and enjoy them with ice cream
  20. go camping, wild camping if possible
  21. always have crushed ice at home for chilled drinks
  22. enjoy yummy wine on ice in the evenings (or afternoon, noon,… it’s summer, your rules count!)
  23. go offline for a full weekend
  24. go on at least one picnic in nature or by a lake
  25. make out in the rain / during sunset
  26. explore new hiking trails, make sure you bringt the right hiking gear
  27. have dinner outside during a full moon night
  28. host dinner parties, for friends, family or with your work mates
  29. drink homemade Iced Tea with lots of ice
  30. sing karaoke – Take on Me, Sexy Bitch, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, there are too many options
  31. Meditate in the morning
  32. try Pilates and/or Yoga
  33. dont skip your usual fitness routine
  34. Ride a bike
  35. go on a weekend getaway in a hotel not far where you live
  36. explore your area, go on day trips on the weekend, live like a tourist in your own city – maybe I have already covered your area here on this travel blog
  37. wear a full linen outfit on those hot hot summer days

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