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Czech Tourism Instagram Takeover in Prague

As a (Travel-)Blogger images are very important to me, and so is Instagram. I always try to share interesting pieces of what I do and the Places I visit. When visiting a City I don’t know too well yet I always try to visit some typical touristy places, as well as some off-the-beaten-path places. When I recently visited Prague I had the opportunity to take over the VisitCzechRepublic Instagram Account run by the Czech Tourism Board to share my Pictures for one day. There have been no set rules, except to use the Hashtag #VisitCZ, which you can use on your Pictures about the Czech Republic as well. So, what to do if you have the opportunity to represent a whole Country for one Day? I tried to display a(n almost) full Day as a Travelblogger/Tourist in Prague. And this is how it went…

I started my day with a big breakfast, to fuel myself with energy for the day. I stayed at the Luxury Collection Hotel Augustine in Prague, and for sure enjoyed my breakfast there.

The Hotel is located on the Prague Castle Side of Prague and to cross the River I used the oldest bridge in Prague, the Charles Bridge. Almost all Day there are so many people, crossing it or just taking Pictures. If you are seeking Luck, there is a statue in the middle of the Bridge where touching will bring you whatever you wish for. If you believe in it…

Not far from the Old Town Square, a very popular place in Prague is the Moser Glass Flagship Store. It’s located on the first floor, right above the Adidas Store (it’s quite not easy to find it if you are just passing by..). Moser is THE producer of the Czech Crystal Glass and there are so many nice collections and pieces. Even though I’m more of a fan of the classic pieces, the modern ones are more colourful and more artistry.

After the Moser Store, I went back to the Old Town Square to visit the Christmas Market. With its big Tree and all the booths selling handmade products and food the Prague Christmas Market is definitely one of the prettiest in Europe. But there are not just one or two in Prague, you can find some smaller ones in almost every bigger corner. Make sure you can always have a hot wine to warm up again.

If you are in the Old Town Square and need some Information about the Czech Republic, just need a map of Prague or some Restaurant Information, the Czech Tourism Tourists office will help you further.

Vyšehrad is where the first, and way smaller, Prague Castle once stood. Nowadays you can enjoy a nice view from up there or visit the Vyšehrad Cemetery and Church. You can either go there with the red C-Metro Line or simply walk on foot.

During the day Prague Castle is a real tourist magnet. People visit the Castle with its more than 800 rooms and enjoy a nice view of the Old Town as it’s located on one of seven hills in Prague. During the night there is barely anyone and so nice and quiet to visit – highly recommended!

And that’s how my day of taking over the Czech Tourism Instagram Account ended.

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