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Walk in an illuminated forest – Winterleuchten Bad Waldsee 2022

A glorious early evening walk at Fürstliches Winterleuchten Bad Waldsee in southern Germany. Thousands of colourful lights illuminate popular the golf course with it’s extensive grounds and enchanting forestry. During the warmer months the grounds are inhabited by twirling balls, now in the colder winter months those balls are all long collected. So what else can a Golf Course offer? A relatively corona-safe winter wonderland atmosphere for families, couples and groups of friends. Reasons enough to stop by for a walk in the illuminated forest at Winterleuchten Bad Waldsee!

the “ Princely Winter Wonderland Bad Waldsee “ is open until early February 2022

The City is commonly known for Camper manufacturer Hymer, with Hymer Museum Bad Waldsee as an popular point of attraction. And just nearby is Fürstliches Gold Resort Bad Waldsee, a golf course with an enclosed Hotel, camper ground and restaurant. Bad Waldsee is definitely a decent city for an extended weekend trip in central southern Germany!

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The fairytale Winter Wonderland offers you walking routes along illuminated paths on their golfing grounds. The entrance “fee” is 2 euros per adult, children are free as well as parking on-site. Currently, you must fulfil the standard 2G rules (vaccinated or recently recovered) to be granted access to the area. Even though it’s outdoor, the paths are sometimes a bit small, and it’s crowded, so health/protection goes above everything! This rule also applies for the indoor food area, as it’s crowded as well with lines in front of every food stall. For a Christmas market feeling I went for a baked waffle with applesauce, at an astonishing price of 4,50€. As pictured below. Definitely not cheap, but sufficient as a snack.

The route guidance system on-site at Winterleuchten Bad Waldsee has been a little challenging, as you could not definitely pinpoint in what direction you are supposed to walk. With people everywhere, you just follow others. Hoping, they knew better. Apparently there are three paths, a candy cane trail, star trail and the mistletoe trail. During my visit we only walked one, of around 2 and a bit km, according to an app on my phone, and left soon. The lines have been huge for entrance when we left, it’s definitely recommend to arrive as early as possible, by 4 pm. According to Winterleuchten website there is supposed to be music, but we could only discover one station with music on our walk. Otherwise it’s just lights along paths and geared towards trees and bushes. At least its snowed a few days prior to my visit, so the paths and landscape has been powdered in white snow, for an even more magical feeling.

Address FÜRSTLICHES WINTERLEUCHTEN: Hopfenweilerweg 9, 88339 Bad Waldsee
Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday up from 4 pm
Instagram: @winterleuchten_badwaldsee

Pictures of my visit to the illuminated Forest – Winterleuchten Bad Saulgau 2022

Illuminated forest Winterleuchten Bad Saulgau

Baked waffle with applesauce at Golf Resort Bad Saulgau
Baked waffle with applesauce at Golf Resort Bad Saulgau

Fuerstliches Winterleuchten Bad Saulgau

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