Mercedes me Store Hamburg

by Lisa
Mercedes me Store Hamburg Blog JoyDellaVita

Experience the Brand Mercedes-Benz with all senses in Hamburg! The Mercedes me Store in Hamburg is a very special kind of brand store by german automotive company Mercedes-Benz. Previously I have already visited the Mercedes me Store in Milan inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and you can definitely not compare it to the one in the Hanseatic City! While the Mercedes me Store in Milan only showcases the Brand Mercedes-Benz with Products of the Accessories Line and some Automobiles, the Mercedes me Store Hamburg offers experiences of various kinds. The Location in Hamburg is very good, on Ballindamm next to the City Centre with Hamburg Town Hall, Jungfernsteig, the main shopping streets Neuer Wall and Möckebergerstraße and more very close.

It might sound weird to some, but you should actually plan a few hours to visit Mercedes Me Store in Hamburg. Their gastronomic partner since 2014, Kofler & Kompanie, offers Breakfast, Salads, warm and cold Snacks, a selection of Tea and Coffee and Juices. The WiFi is free for everyone and from inside the Store you can enjoy a nice view of the Inner Alster Lake. There are several Tables and high chairs and for sure you can also bring your Notebook and work from there. The Café is not the only special thing about the Mercedes Me Store Hamburg, it’s still a car dealership, somehow. But also, the Store is an event space with each various events per month. Fashion, Crafting, Culinary, Art & Culture, Music or Talks about Innovation and more is offered. Check out their Facebook Pages for everything upcoming. To experience Mercedes-Benz even more, you can book test drives right from the Store, and also start right from there. The drives depend on availabilities, for requests to pre-book a Car you should contact them in advance. Anyway, you can there are usually always 2 Cars on Display and for further modification, you can configure your Mercedes, and even buy it right there.

During my visit I haven’t had that much time, to spend several hours experiencing the Mercedes-Benz Brand, so I only had a hot beverage. It was raining cats and dogs outside and a Tea with fresh mint, fresh-cut ginger and Lemon just boosted my mood. If you read their menu precisely you will notice one page, with a very special offer. If you order a hot beverage, post if to Instagram with the Hashtag #meCoffee you will receive the drink for free. This is valid for one person per day, but how nice is this? I ordered my Tea, posted a nice Photo to Instagram (check it out here), and received it completely for free. In the Store, they also have a video-wall with all your Insta-Photos with this Hashtag. This Promotion is definitely recommendable!

Address Mercedes me Store Hamburg

Ballindamm 17
20095 Hamburg
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm, Sunday closed
Website: or

Pictures: Mercedes me Store Hamburg

red Mercedes-AMG GT Hamburg me Store JoyDellaVita
red Mercedes-AMG GT in Hamburg
Tea with fresh mint, ginger and lemon at Mercedes me Store Hamburg Blog JoyDellaVita
Tea with fresh mint, ginger and lemon at Mercedes me Store Hamburg
Mercedes me Store Hamburg Blog JoyDellaVita
inside Mercedes me Store Hamburg

Mercedes me Store Hamburg Blog JoyDellaVita

Mercedes me Store Hamburg Blog JoyDellaVita

Mercedes me Store Hamburg Blog JoyDellaVita
Mercedes me Store Ballindamm 17 20095 Hamburg


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