Where to park your car in Como near Lake Como / City Centre in 2024

Where to park your car in Como? Whether you are travelling to Como for a day trip only, or want to stop in the beautiful city on the shores of Lake Como on a Roadtrip, you will always need a place to park your car. As Como is quite tourist-oriented, there are for sure also dedicated parking spaces for caravans and camper vans. Read more about the exact location of all public parking spaces in Como down below.

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How to drive to Como

Before you can even attempt to park your car in the heart of the city of Como, you will for sure need to get there in the first place. Arriving at Como by Train is fairly easy, just leave Como S. Giovanni train station and within a few hundred metres you are at the shores of the lake. By car, however, there are a few possibilities. Como is fairly well connected to a few (tolled) highways, allowing you convenient drives to and from Milan in Italy as well as Lugano/Ticino in Switzerland. There are also toll-free “Strada Statale”, federal roads, allowing direct rides from the directions of Varese and Bergamo towards Como. As Como is situated right by the border next to Chiasso in Switzerland, you will find Como on most signs. Especially on the highways, in case you are driving without a navigation system or navigation app. Otherwise, there are also some country roads in Switzerland, allowing toll-free rides to Como, but keep in mind you will pass every small village on the way. In Switzerland, you should definitely invest in a Vignette.

Overview of all parking spaces in Como for cars, as well as for campervans

On the quest to decide where to park your car in Como, you should note that the inner-city centre of Como is a restricted traffic zone, which means no vehicles are allowed. For sure there are exemptions for delivery drivers and so on, but tourists, in particular, should not overlook this rule. However, this restriction is also valid for guests of hotels inside the restricted zone. If your Hotel falls in this category, ask them for advice on where to park your car in Como or if you’re allowed to enter the zone for unloading/loading your luggage. For everyone else, and especially day-trippers to Como with a car, the following parking spaces and car parks are advisable.
Before getting stressed looking for available parking for your car, consider downloading the Co Vadis App for your smartphone. It has been developed specifically for Como and it lists availabilities of the seven multistory car parks in the city. Co Vadis also gives information about Como’s bike-sharing stations and public transportation.

For your comfort, I have created this customized Google Maps sheet. It includes all the Autosilos and Parcheggios, and parking spaces, in Como. Below the map, you will also find them in a written format. Simply open the following Google Maps on your mobile device, turn on GPS once you’re in or near Como, and navigate to one of the plenty of car parks. Out of my own experience, I can recommend Parcheggio Centro Lago which is located near the waterfront and an underground parking garage. This makes sure your car doesn’t heat up that badly in summer.

Map: Autosilo & Parcheggio in Como / where to park your car in Como



Parking for Camper Vans / Caravans in Como (green dots on the map):

  • Tavernola, via Brennero
  • Area Ippocastano, via A. Moro (for both camper & cars)

Parking for Cars in and near Como City Centre (blue dots on the map):

  • Autosilo Centro lago, Via Sant’Elia / Via Recchi
  • Autosilo Comunale, Via Aguadri 1 (bikes available here)
  • Autosilo Jasca, Piazza Volta 41A
  • Autosilo 4° Ponte, Viale Innocenzo
  • Autosilo Università, Via Castelnuovo
  • Autosilo Val Mulini, Via dei Mulini
  • Autosilo Valduce, Viale Lecco
  • Parcheggio Novosilo, Via Sirtori 92
  • Parcheggio Area Ippocastano, via A. Moro
  • Parcheggio Stazione San Giovanni, via Venini
  • Parcheggio Arena, via V. Bellini 21
  • Parcheggio Pulesin, via Bellinzona

If you are staying in a hotel, it’s recommended to search for a Hotel in Como with parking in front of the property (Hotel in Como with parking), or even private parking areas. To save yourself time before searching for where to park your car in Como near the lake. Also, if the Hotel is located in the pedestrian zone, in the historic city centre, make sure to contact the front desk before your arrival to verify if you can drive towards the Hotel to unload your luggage, or where you will be allowed to park.


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