RyanAir On Board Prices (In-Flight Pricelist Food & Drinks)

What are the Prices on RyanAir Flights like, now in 2019? Equally inexpensive as the flights itself, or horrendously expensive to compensate for the cheap ticket fares? Well, it definitely depends. To me, the Prices are mostly “quite okay” for the fact your only alternatives are airport prices for water and hot snacks. Compared to previous years, the 2019 RyanAir On Board Menu didn’t change that much. You can still get your water, coke, coffee or beer on board a flight with the British budget airline. More changes happen in the hot food and snack areas, with quite a few changes. If you’re interested, you can check out the 2017 Pricelist to compare to the current RyanAir Menu Prices, however, I’m only interested in what I have to pay right now 🙂
The following RyanAir On Board Prices are taken from the On Board Magazine which is handed out on request by the personnel on board after take-off. The Prices are based on a Flight in January of 2018.

How to pay for Food & Drinks on a Ryan Air Flight / accepted payment methods

The cabin crew accepts chip and pin cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as all major currencies in cash. To make sure the crew has enough change, try to pay with smaller bank notes.

The Getaway Cafe RyanAir On Board Pricelist as of 2018


Chocolate Croissant 2,50€ (add any Hot Drink for 2,50€)
Ham & Cheese Croissant 2,50€ (add any Hot Drink for 2,50€)
All Butter Croissant 2,50€ (add any Hot Drink for 2,50€)
Crumble & Co Cake (Fruit Cake/Cranberry/Chocolate) 2,50€ (including a Hot Coffee for 5,00€)
Special K Bar 2,00€
Nature Valley Bar 2,00€
Britvic Orange Juice 2,00€
MEAL DEAL any Hot Drink, any Pastry and a Breakfast Bar 7,00€


Lavazza Coffee 3,00€
Short Lavazza (Espresso) 3,00€
Cappuccino 3,00€
Hot Chocolate 3,00€
Tea 3,00€
MEAL DEAL any Hot Drink & KitKat/Twix/Kinder bueno/Snickers/Nature Valley Bar 4,50€

Pepsi/ Pepsi Max / Iced Tea 2,50€
Britvic Tonic Water/ Low-Cal Tonic/ Orange Juice/ white Lemonade 2,00€
Fruit Shoot 2,50€
Water sparkling/still 3,00€

Canti Prosecco 7,00€
Rio Anejo 6,00€ (red wine)
Fungo 6,00€ (white wine)
Spirits (Absolut, Beefeater, Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Grant’s) 5,60€
Camus Brandy 5,60€
Beers (Heineken, Bulmers) 4,50€
MEAL DEAL any wine + gourmet snack pack + olives 12,00€

Hot Snacks

Mediterranean Panini 5,50€
Sandwiches 4,50€
Ham & Cheese Panini 5,50€
MEAL DEAL any Panini + water/hot drink + crisps 10,00€
Ham & Cheese Croissant 4,50€
Oven Chips 3,50€
Kids Box (Chicken Nuggets & Oven Chips) 5,00€
Ratatouille Pasta 6,00€
Beef Lasagne 6,00€
Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice 6,00€
Noodles (Sweet&Sour / Mild Curry) 3,50€
Bachelors Cup a Soup (Chicken Flavor / Tomato) 3,00€
MEAL DEAL any Hot Meal + water/hot drink + crisps 10,00€

Snack boxes

Snack Pack Cheese, Crackers, Crisps, Pâté and Mini Mars 5,00€
Gourmet Snack Pack Italian Breadsticks, Cheddar Cheese Spread, Hummus, Roasted Corn Kernels, Pretzels and mini Lily o’Briens chocolate 6,00€
MEAL DEAL Gourmet Snack Pack + Water + 2,00€ Snack = 10,00€

Sweet Treats

Classic Fruit Cake 2,50€ (add any Hot Drink for 2,50€)
Chocolate & Cranberry Cake 2,50€ (add any Hot Drink for 2,50€)

Savory Snacks

Boxerchips Salt & Vinegar / lightly sea salted 2,50€
Pringles Sour Cream & Onion / Original 2,50€
Green Olives 1,50€
Pretzel Bites 2,00€
Peanuts 2,00€
TicTac Mints 1,50€


Lucky Bags 4,00€
DEAL Fruit Shoot + Kids Meal + Lucky Bag 8,50€

Sweet Snacks

Sweet Bar KitKat / Twix / Kinder bueno / Snickers / Nature Valley Bar 2,00€
Coco Pops Bar 1,50€
Walkers Shortbread 1,50€
Rainbow Belts 2,50€
Jelly Twists 2,50€
Sour Jellies 2,50€
Chocolate Wafer 1,50€
Panettoncino 2,50€
Nutella & Go with breadsticks 2,50€
M&Ms 4,00€
Maltesers 4,00€
DEAL 2 hot drinks & M&Ms or Maltesers 9,50€

All Meals, Snacks & Drinks can be purchased upon availability. It might be possible that not everything (hot meals) is available on every flight, or already sold out.

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