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Qatar Airways is among the best Airlines worldwide. Not only their Business Class, with the outstanding Qsuite, even their Economy Class is more comfortable than others. Exquisite dining options and excellent service prove the high standard of the Airline. Read here my recent Qatar Airways Flight Reviews of both Business and Economy, how to book a complimentary Layover and everything else you should know about them before flying with the Airline for the first time.

My previous Qatar Airways Flights

So far, I have travelled with Qatar Airways from Munich via Doha to Adelaide in Australia on a roundtrip in Economy Class, and again from Munich with a complimentary Layover in Doha, all the way to the Capital of Australia, Canberra, in Business Class. My experience with Qatar Airways is based on these 8 Flights, 4 long-haul and 4 mid-haul. I have always had a very pleasant experience with the Qatari Airline and can definitely recommend it to both business and leisure travellers.


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