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Burger King in Germany now added a second vegetarian burger to their permanent portfolio. Another proof Burger King is superior to McD, in Germany at least. With McDonalds Germany currently only offering the fake-beef burger Big Vegan TS (that I quite dislike), Burger King now offers two. The super delicious Veggie King (they have renamed the Country Burger to Veggie King recently, only the name changed, the rest remains the same), but also now another meat-free alternative, the Veggie Cheese King.

The Veggie Cheese King is vegetarian, not vegan. The burger consists of a regular Burger King bun, topped with a large and thick cheese (halloumi) patty, as well as iceberg lettuce, one tomato slice and creamy salad mayo at the bottom. You can find more about the burger on the burger king website here.

Veggie Cheese King Halloumi Burger King Germany German Blog JoyDellaVita

Veggie Cheese King

With 551.1 kcal / 2,305.6 KJ per portion, the new Veggie Cheese King is undoubtedly not a light snack, but depending on the calories quite a proper burger. But, is the Veggie Cheese King by Burger King Germany also a “proper Veggie Burger”? Well, that’s tough to decide. Considering the regular Veggie King with its all-fried Veggie-Patty amounts only 516.2 kcal / 2.163,0 KJ, I’d honestly prefer the Veggie King over the Veggie Cheese King. Why do I prefer the old one over the new one?

The new Veggie Cheese King by Burger King is definitely not terrible; it tastes really good actually! But, for a single price of 3,19€ for the burger, I’d have at least enjoyed/wished to have a slice of onion and/or some sliced pickles on the burger. Something with a little bit of “freshness”. With just the mayo sauce at the bottom, followed by the fried cheese patty, some salad leaf and a slice of tomato, it felt just a little bit too “less”. Maybe it’s possible to order it “with extra pickles” the next time; through this is might turn into an option, again. However, as long as there is the Veggie King with actual vegetables inside the patty, I will devour this one.

What’s your opinion on Vegetarian Burgers at Burger Chains? Do you enjoy them, and, have you already tried the Veggie Cheese King by Burger King in Germany yourself? What’s your judgment?

Veggie Cheese King Halloumi Burger King Germany German Blog JoyDellaVita Veggie Cheese King Halloumi Burger King Germany German Blog JoyDellaVita


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