Things to know before your first Flight with RyanAir

I just had my First Flight with RyanAir. As they putt me off for a long time, due to the reports about their lousy Service, I was uncertain at first. But the budget Airline got me with their low prices. And so I gave them a try. Here now a few things to know before your first Flight with RyanAir. As for now, I’m really positive with RyanAir, you get what you pay for, and I’m already looking for other bargains to fly with them again soon.

Things to know before your first Flight with RyanAir

To give you the best insight into how it is to fly with RyanAir here now some detailed Information on the Airline. About the Booking Process, the baggage allowances, the Service on board and just everything else. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below! For more specific details on RyanAir Flight Reviews, I recommend my Memmingen – Malaga Flight Review and my Malaga – Memmingen Flight Review. (they will be posted shortly!)

Find the cheapest RyanAir Flight Fares on

When booking a Flight with RyanAir, it’s best when you don’t have a set date. If you want to fly to Palermo ‘sometime in the Summer’, you have the best chances to find some cheap flights with RyanAir. To find the best fares, just check out their Website. You select where you want to departure, and either to what Airport or to what Country/Region you want to go. And there you have the best available fares. In April I’d have the possibility to fly from Memmingen to Palermo for just 46 € return in Total. Definitely a cheap flight!

RyanAir Baggage Size – Hand luggage and checked Baggage

Cabin baggage is one of the most important factors when travelling by Plane. RyanAir allows you to take two pieces with you on board. 1 carry on cabin bag with the maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 . If your bags are smaller, it’s no problem, if your bigger bag oversteps the Size you have to pay a fee of £50/€50, and it will be placed in the hold of the Aircraft. Bags that fit the RyanAir Sizes can be found here or here. For the checked Baggage there is 15 / 20 kg the absolute maximum; otherwise, you have to pay 10€ per kilogramme.

RyanAir OnBoard Service – Food and Drinks

After the Baggage, Food is another crucial point. As RyanAir is a budget / low fare Airline, they do not serve any complimentary snacks or drinks on their Flights. But you have the possibility to buy something on the board. Breakfast, Cold Meals, Hot Meals, salty snacks, sweet snacks, cup noodles or hot soups, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, hot drinks or some plain Water. The selection is actually pretty great. As it’s aeroplane food, you can’t compare it to regularly bought foods, but at least it’s nutritious (and you’re killing time).

Current Prices:
0,5L Water 3,00 €
Cappuccino/Tea/HotChocolate/Lavazza 3,00 €
Garlic & Cheese Flatbread 5,00 €
Lasagna 6,00 €
Pringles (40g) 2,50 €
Snickers/Twix/… 2,00 €
Find more in my other Article: RyanAir On Board Menu 2016 (Food & Drinks)

RyanAir Onboard Entertainment

As mentioned before, RyanAir is a low fare Airline. Therefore you won’t find any Monitor or Screen or selections of Magazines for free on Board. If you are interested, there is the RyanAir inFlight magazine that is handed out on request, for free. The December Issue is not a Travel Inspiration; it’s rather a Shopping List for the OnBoard Duty-Free Shopping and the Price List for OnBoard Service.

Different Types of RyanAir Tickets

To keep everything simple, there are just two different types of Tickets. One is the cheapest as possible fare, the other one the one with more privileges. It’s definitely up to you what you chose and want.
When flying with RyanAir, and booking a ticket, you have two options: Standard and Business Plus. The Standard Tickets includes a Seat that you can’t select, Online Check-In and the cabin baggage. That’s it. As a holder of a Business Plus Ticket your checked bag can weigh up to 20 kg, you have a free Airport Check-In, a Premium Seat (subject to seat availability) as well as Priority Boarding and airport Fast Track security service (at participating airports), you receive flight details via text message and you are flexible on Ticket Changes.
Standard Tickets are available for 9,99€ and upwards, Business Plus Tickets for 59,99€ and upwards.

RyanAir’s Planes

Again, to keep everything simple and cost-efficient, RyanAir serves all its Flights with just one Type of Aircraft, the Boeing 737-800. In total, they have more than 300 of these Aircraft! As there is only one Type, everyone knows every Plane, from the Mechanic to the Pilot. This keeps the safety Standards high, as RyanAir states. Up from 2019, there will be at least a hundred Boeing 737 MAX 200 added to the Fleet.

RyanAir Boeing 737-800
Ryanair Boeing 737-800 Safety Card

Is there anything else you’d like to know about RyanAir? Feel free to comment below!

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