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Travel Diary: quick cheap Zurich weekend getaway

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Make the most of the first warm rays of sunshine and enjoy a short weekend with an overnight stay in Zurich. Is it possible to have a cheap weekend getaway in Zurich? In a city that is so expensive, is it possible to enjoy yourself without spending too much? It’s definitely a challenge, but possible! At the end of March, I spent a short weekend, from Saturday to Sunday, in the Swiss metropolis. The pearl on the northern shore of Lake Zurich. What can you do in two days, how can you eat, and are there any inexpensive or free activities in Zurich? Find below the travel diary of my short trip to Zurich in March and an overview of planned blog posts.
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Early spring budget weekend getaway in Zurich

Day 1: Arrival in Zurich, Luxemburgerli, walk through the city and overnight at the Capsule Hotel

The day started with a relaxing journey on the FlixBus to Zurich. The FlixBus is a cheap way to get from Lake Constance to Zurich. And perhaps the nicest part of the journey is the short crossing on the car ferry from Meersburg to Konstanz. It’s always a lovely quarter of an hour of holiday feeling, the ideal start for such a short weekend trip.
Then we locked up our luggage at the station and enjoyed our first coffee in the sun. An affordable coffee! Followers by a stroll through the Rosenhof market, Niederdorf, onto the shores of Lake Zurich. Confiserie Sprüngli has what it feels like a hundred branches in Zurich, including one near the opera house. Two Luxemburgerli for takeaway are a must, especially if you can enjoy them in the sun on nearby Sechseläutenplatz. Another walk around the waterfront, watching the Ferris wheel, to the old botanical garden. Originally from the 19th century, it has stunning views over the city, an octagonal palm house and a collection of medicinal plants. After this long walk, we returned to the train station, where we put on our FFP2 masks again for the short train ride to the airport. Here we checked into the newest hotel in Zurich, the Zurich Airport Capsule Hotel. Full of anticipation into this new way of staying overnight, but as a couple separated in two capsules next to each other.

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Day 2: free museums, coffee in the sun at Lake Zurich

From the capsule hotel, you can take a lift directly to the airport, and if you want, you can even walk over in your hotel’s slippers and buy what you need for the day’s excursion at the Migros supermarket. After breakfast, you can take another short break in the capsule box until 10:30 a.m. to prepare for the rest of the sightseeing day. Before leaving the airport, we went for a short walk to the observation deck after being nourished by a Swiss Birchermüsli.
After depositing our backpacks at Zurich HB station, again, we went directly underground to the National Museum. Forgetting the appropriate proofs for a free entrance, we only went to the only free exhibition “Simply Zurich”. On such a sunny day, you actually want to spend as little time as possible indoors… So we took the Polybahn directly up to the university and enjoyed a fantastic view of the city from the Polyterrasse. Then, of course, back to one of my favourite museums, the Palaeontological / Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich. Then back to the city, bought a baguette near the station and went straight to the shore of Lake Zurich. Why pay dozens of francs for lunch in a restaurant when you can share a really delicious tomato-mozzarella baguette for 7 francs sitting in the sun? After another extensive walk through the city, and a small but expensive early dinner at Hiltl (exactly 20 francs/euros for THIS plate … see photo below), we took the FlixBus back to the northern side of Lake Constance. It was now already dark on this crossing of Lake Constance, but the memories of this inexpensive weekend in Zurich will remain for a very long time.

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all pictures by JoyDellaVita

* Disclaimer: we have been invited to stay at the newly opened Capsule Hotel Zurich Airport for one night in exchange for coverage, this did not affect my opinion. All expenses have been paid for on our own.

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