Restaurace Mincovna Prague

When eating in a foreign City I always like the hidden places, that look regular from the outside but look just stunning inside and have amazing food. One of these Restaurants I can highly recommend is Restaurant Mincovna in Prague. Located right at the famous Old Town Square it’s almost not to miss. The Restaurant Mincovna opened just a few years ago and therefore the interior is still very clean and modern. 

When entering Restaurant Mincovna in Prague the first thing you will see are the beer tanks hanging from the ceiling above the bar. Welcome to a beer-loving Country! The Restaurant is mainly held in white with brown tables and dark brown accents, chic but cosy. As a smaller group, we had a reserved table and were immediately handed over their Menu in English. On their website, it’s in the Czech language only, but here you can read their Menu in English as well. What I really liked was the service. The Man was speaking good English (which is not always very common), super friendly and funny, very quick and just so helpful. He was definitely part of the good time I had at Restaurant Mincovna.

The typical Czech Food, that is served at Restaurant Mincovna, is mainly based on Meat. Duck, smoked trout, baked sausages, foie gras and more to go on. As a Vegetarian I luckily found their Cauliflower Pancakes. These Veggie Pancakes are flavoured with fresh herbs and nutmeg and served with mashed potatoes and onion, tartar sauce and a small tomato salad. Everything for 165 CZK, around 6 €. As a shared starter we ordered their Pickled Cheese for 99 CZK, around 3,60€. The Cheese is served in sunflower oil with fresh chilli peppers and herbs with an onion salad and crunchy pretzel. To end this delicious Lunch I had their Apple Strudel with whipped cream and vanilla ice and with no doubt, Strudel was one of the very best I ever had. Fresh Apples, big nut pieces and crispy outside. It was to die for… Of course, I also had a small beer, a 0.3 l Pilsner Urquell for 32 CZK, around 1,15 €. Everything tasted really good and as soon as I’m back in Prague I definitely have to go there again!

Address Restaurace Mincovna in Prague at the Old Town Square

Restaurace Mincovna
Staroměstské náměstí 930/7 
Praha 1, Czech Republic, 11000
phone: +420 727 955 669

Pictures of Restaurace Mincovna in Prague

Restaurace Mincovna Prague
Pilsner Urquell Restaurace Mincovna Prague
Pilsner Urquell
Pickled Cheese Restaurace Mincovna Prague
Pickled Cheese
Kitchen Restaurace Mincovna Prague
The Kitchen at Restaurace Mincovna Prague
Cauliflower pancakes Restaurace Mincovna Prague
Cauliflower Pancakes with mashed potatoes and Tartar Sauce
Apple strudel Restaurace Mincovna Prague
Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream

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