Restaurant LEGGS Barcelona Passeig de Gracia

Dinner at L’EGGS Restaurant Barcelona


This has to be my shortest Restaurant Review here on this Travelblog, sorry in advance! But sometimes, when a Dinner is just too good and in a super nice company, you simply forget to snap along, take pictures of your Food and instead just enjoy the moment. Exactly this happened to me at L’EGGS Restaurant at Passeig de Gràcia in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. The evening before the big Audi Summit in Barcelona, and also right before watching a movie at Cinemes Girona, we had Dinner at L’EGGS. L’EGGS is an egg Restaurant, as the name claims. But surprisingly, we had little dishes with eggs. Located in the heart of Barcelona, at Passeig de Gracia, L’EGGS Restaurant is situated in a very nice and also easily walkable area.
But let’s talk a bit about the Food. As we had a set menu we were able to try us through various appetisers, Tapas, as usual in Spain. There were grilled peppers with sea salt, bits of Tortilla española (Spanish omelette with potato), and of course many more options with meat. After wine glasses were refilled and refilled again (white wine just tastes more delicious when it’s colder), the main dishes arrived. As you can see below, it consisted of various veggies with a tasty sauce and roast-beef, that I happily shared. For dessert quickly later we had cheesecake bites. All in all my Dinner at L’EGGS was really nice, but I definitely want to come back to try more of their official menu.
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Address L’EGGS Restaurant Barcelona

Passeig de Gràcia 116
08008 Barcelona
nearest metro station: Diagonal (L3, L5)

Pictures: Dinner at L’EGGS Restaurant Barcelona

Main dish during Dinner at L’EGGS Restaurant Barcelona
Main dish during Dinner at L’EGGS Restaurant Barcelona


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