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New: Halloumi King vegetarian burger by Burger King Germany (summer 2020)

Since the beginning of summer, there are two new vegetarian burgers available at Burger King Germany. In addition to the only veggie burger by BK in Germany so far, now called Veggie King (formerly Country Burger), Burger King launched two new vegetarian burgers in June 2020: the Halloumi King and the Halloumi Double King. Each topped with tomato slices, lettuce, onions and mayonnaise in a potato bun. And either one slice of deep-fried halloumi cheese, or two halloumi patties for the Double Halloumi King. A quite simple sounding, but also so tasty burger. A burger doesn’t always have to have a dozen different ingredients and three different sauces. Simple and easy and yet balanced in taste, the Halloumi King scores here for me as a vegetarian “Summer Burger” at Burger King Germany. In autumn and winter, I will rather stick to the more hearty tasting / looking Veggie King again (I usually order it with an extra slice of cheese).

By the way, if you think you still or already remember the Halloumi King by Burger King, you will indeed remember it correctly. A vegetarian burger topped with halloumi was already on offer in summer 2019, at that time still called Veggie Cheese King, in a sesame bun. With the new edition, the first good decision was made with the change to the potato bun and added onions. With the simple Halloumi King from Burger King, I have definitely found my new favourite burger (by a fast-food chain). Both Halloumi King are available in all German branches, at a single price of € 3.69 for the single (last year € 3.19, but in the worse bread roll) (€ 6.70 for a menu with fries and a drink), and € 5.19 for the double (7.49 € for a menu).

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halloumi burger king germany blog joydellavita
Halloumi King at Burger King Germany

halloumi burger king germany blog joydellavita

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