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Parking in Bregenz near Lake Constance & near the old town – where and how expensive

Bregenz at Lake Constance is a popular destination for many reasons. The provincial capital of Vorarlberg attracts tourists and day-visitors primarily because of the festival stage on Lake Constance, its museums, and because of the local mountain, the Pfänder. But also the old town of Bregenz, especially with the higher situated upper town, with its cute alleys, attracts plenty of visitors. As a day guest in Bregenz, you have to arrive somehow. The easiest way, of course, is by train to one of the both Bregenz train stations, or by ship from other cities on Lake Constance (such as Lindau or Friedrichshafen). Or of course, you can also travel by car. Parking spaces directly in the city and at the port are available, but with the corresponding flows of visitors and tourists, they are of course very limited very quickly. Plus, they are usually not the cheapest ones either. Here are some tips for tourists in Bregenz, where to park the best and cheapest.

Parking directly in Bregenz

Directly in Bregenz, there are some possibilities to park the car. If you want to accomplish the approximately 1,060 meter-high walking ascent or travel comfortably by the Pfänderbahn cable car, its recommended to proceed directly to the designated parking area at the base station of Pfänderbahn car park (definitely not the cheapest car park in town). Otherwise, you can also park on top of Pfänder mountain, just an easy walk from the top of the mountain by foot, this car park is named Moosegg (quite pricey but super convenient location!)

For visits to the historic Upper Town, including the museums of the old town, there are several options for parking in the centre. A recommended underground car park is the one below the Sutterlüty store – especially in summer when the car does not have to be in the blazing sun. The half hour costs € 0.50 here, after a purchase in the supermarket one hour is credited to you. A little closer to the centre is an uncovered parking lot, the Seestadt parking lot, on Seestrasse opposite the train station. For visitors to the floating stage of course, the place next to the parking lot of the Bregenz Festival Hall is recommended. The Vorarlberg power plants even have a charging station for electric cars and vehicles. If this parking lot is already occupied, we recommend a little further, at the stadium, the so-called “Parking Lot West” with an attached bus parking lot for buses in Bregenz. If you want to take the Pfänderbahn cable car, it’s advised to use one of the official Pfänderbahn car parks in Bregenz.

Address underground car park Sutterlüty / Parkhaus am Hafen : Reichsstraße 1, 6900 Bregenz, Austria
Address parking lot Seestadt : Seestraße, 6900 Bregenz, Austria
Address parking lot Festspielhaus Bregenz at the Seebühne : Platz der Wr. Symphoniker 2, 6900 Bregenz, Austria
Address West car park & ​​bus parking lot : across from Druckergasse 46, 6900 Bregenz, Austria
Address Pfänderbahn parking: Schillerstraße 3, 6900 Bregenz, Austria

parking bregenz center

view on a passing Zeppelin NT from Seestadt car park on Seestrasse in Bregenz

Parking outside of Bregenz

As you can already imagine from all the traffic jams on your way towards Bregenz, that there will be a lot going on in the city, it is advisable to park outside the city. This is particularly recommended in the summer months and during public summer and autumn (school) holidays.

When traveling from Germany , it is advisable to go directly to Lochau train station. This car park is only a few kilometres behind the German border near Lindau. Here you can park cheaply (max. € 7 / day, € 1 per hour) and you are only one train station stop away from Bregenz harbor station. This train station is only a 1-minute walk from the shores of Lake Constance, and about a short 2 minutes’ walk from the beginning of the old town and shopping area of Bregenz. The upper town can be reached in about 5+ minutes from Bregenz “Hafen” train station. Otherwise, from Lochau you can go one station further to Bregenz train station, which is closer to the floating stage Bregenzer Festspielbühne, if this is your destination of choice.

Address: Lindauerstraße, 6911 Lochau, Austria / Lochau-Hörbranz train station

If you are traveling to Bregenz from Switzerland , it is advisable to park for free at Hard-Fußach train station. Alternatively, Lauterach train station is also recommended, from both train stations you can go directly to Bregenz train station or Bregenz harbour – and save yourself the search for a parking space and traffic jams in the centre of the city.

Address: Bahnhofstrasse, 6971 Hard, Austria & Bahnhofstrasse, 6923 Lauterach, Austria

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