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Travel Diary: quick stopover in Pisa (1-night stay) fast sightseeing!

Read here about my quick stopover in Pisa. When in Pisa, you don’t necessarily have to be quick. Simply because there isn’t that much to see… Apologies for turning down your expectations for a visit to Pisa in Italian Tuscany, but there really isn’t that much on offer. The main attraction definitely is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. What an iconic structure! Undeniably! But besides… It’s honestly enough to only plan a quick stopover in Pisa. Or, use Pisa as an affordable base city in Italy and use it for frequent day trips – to Livorno and the beaches, Florence, Roma, Bologna, Lucca and many more charming Tuscan cities and villages. Read here the travel diary of my quick stopover in Pisa with a one-night stay, and discover what we did with our limited time in the city.

First & second day in Pisa

Why did we go to Pisa in the first place? A cheap flight with Ryanair, flying from the south of Germany directly to Pisa. As the train system is reliable in Italy, we opted for Pisa Airport as a start- and end-point to our week-long adventure to Bella Italia. And as spoken, we landed in Pisa on a Friday evening, after finishing work. A great route… After touching down on Italian soil, we first wanted to take Pisa Mover to Pisa Train Station. But, spending 5 Euros per person versus walking 1.5 km in enjoyable Italian warm evening weather, we naturally walked. Passing by the cute arcades of Pisa old town, grabbing a first Italian gelato, and all the way to our Hotel. Perfectly situated at Piazza Cavallotti, just a block away from the botanical garden and 350 m by foot to the leaning tower.

After a quick refresh it was time to head out into the City to make the most of our quick stopover in Pisa. First, a truly amazing Pizza for Dinner, and Pasta and Bruschetta, followed by some night time walking, strolling to the leaning tower, followed by a night time Street Food stop to devour in some Arancine.

The next day, to optimise time usage, we combined two things: having breakfast, or italian colazione, and visiting the stunning botanical garden. So, we did both, and had breakfast at the grounds of the historic garden. Such a great recommendation! And soon it was time to head off again after the quick stopover in Pisa, and visit Florence.

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