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Best Italian coffee in Pisa, near the Leaning Tower

Enjoy great cappuccino and coffee in Pisa in between Piazza dei Cavalieri and the famous leaning tower. Caffè dei Cavalieri is a Specialty Coffee Shop in the northern heart of Pisa. Besides great coffees they also offer an excellent selection for both sweet and savoury snacks – great for an italian breakfast in Pisa! On a sunny morning we decided to pick up our breakfast for take away at Caffe dei Cavalieri, and enjoy it in the best possible surroundings. No, not at Square of Miracles, Piazza dei Miracoli, where also the leaning tower is located – at the botanical garden!

Breakfast for take away and the best cappuccino and coffee in Pisa at Caffe dei Cavalieri Pisa

The specialty coffee shop and daytime-till-evening Café Caffè dei Cavalieri opens at 07:30 am every morning, on weekdays and the weekend. Perfect for early risers longing for coffee in Pisa, and closes at 9 pm on fridays and saturdays, perfect if you need a caffeine boost later during the day. For our Italian breakfast for take away in Pisa we stumbled into their store at around 9 am. Because the botanical garden opens at 08:30 already every day we didnt want to be there too early. Among their selection of snacks, we went for something typical. In another dedicated blogpost I wrote about Italian breakfast, if you are interested. One Cornetto with Crema and one Cornetto with marmalade, both have been the best Cornetti we have eaten on our Italian holiday.

Regarding this coffee in Pisa, you can usually choose between two sizes, regular and large. A regular espresso, a regular cappuccino, or a large one, a large chai latte and so much more. We went for a regular cappuccino and a regular americano. We did not pay more than 10 Euro for breakfast, way less actually, and left Caffè dei Cavalieri happily towards nearby Orto e Museo Botanico. Check out the below linked website and Instagram for more info on their offerings. You might also be interested in my Pisa Travel Guide.

Caffè dei Cavalieri
Address: Via Corsica 14, Via Corsica, 8a, 56126 Pisa PI, Italy
Opening hours: Mo – Thu: 07:30 am – 8 pm, Fri – Sa: 07:30 am – 9 pm, Su 07:30 am – 3 pm
Instagram: @cavalieri_specialtycoffee

Pictures of our breakfast with Italian cappuccino and coffee in Pisa, enjoyed at the Botanical Garden

picnic breakfast pisa botanical garden blogger lisa joy della vita
Picnic Breakfast at the botanical garden with cornetti, cappuccino and coffee in Pisa

Cornetti, Focaccia and Toast, as well as fresh juices, cappuccino and coffee in Pisa
Cornetti, Focaccia and Toast, as well as fresh juices, cappuccino and coffee in Pisa

Caffe dei Cavalieri coffee in Pisa Via Corsica
Caffè dei Cavalieri Via Corsica 14, Via Corsica, 8a, 56126 Pisa

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