Video: Crete as you’ve never seen before – Land Rover Experience Greece

by Lisa
Crete Land Rover Experience Greece JoyDellaVita

The aim of Land Rover Experience Greece is to show you Parts of Crete that are not overflown by Tourists, areas that are as rural as possible and also roads normal people can’t drive on. Land Rover Experience Greece lets you experience ‘offroad driving’ in a regular City-SUV, a Range Rover Evoque Convertible. Located in the eastern part of the Greek Island Crete, the 5 Star Luxury Resort DAIOS COVE is the base of the Tour. You can either book complete holiday packages, including flights and accommodation, or book single Tours out of three available ones when anyway staying at DAIOS COVE Hotel.

More Details on the 3 Offroad Tours on Greece follow over this week, now below, as a first impression, a video of all three Land Rover Experience Greece Tours. Personally, I absolutely adored every day and every Tour, as you discover so many nice places, you can’t compare them. What you will experience on all drives is the stunning nature, local cuisine (like Dakos) and of course the feeling of driving off-road in a convertible. Just a hint: it’s addictive!

Land Rover Experience Greece 2017

Tour 1: Crete’s wild east
Tour 2: Mountains & Sea
Tour 3: Adventures in the South

Crete as you’ve never seen before – Land Rover Experience Greece 2017

Music: Kygo – Happy Life
Cameras: HUAWEI Mate 8 (main camera), also Samsung Galaxy S7 and Canon EOS 1300D

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    17 - June - 2017 at 4:40 AM

    Love your Video Style
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