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Worldwide Christmas Traditions

Christmas all over the world has got to be one of the most renowned Holidays. Each country has a unique belief in celebrating worldwide Christmas traditions. Discover and be amazed at how some of the countries observe their international Christmas traditions and the history behind them. Please share in the comments how you celebrate Christmas, I’m curious!

Worldwide Christmas Traditions


In Sweden, St. Lucia Day is considered the start of their international Christmas traditions. The customary way of celebrating it is that the eldest daughter of the family will wake up early to awaken the other members of the family. The oldest daughter usually wears a long white gown together with headwear made up of twigs with lighted candles.

During St.Lucia Day people tend to utilize light more than usual since the essence of celebrating Lucia Day is about light. Unfortunately, there is little clue to the existence of St. Lucia as most of the records about her have been lost in time. The legend says that St. Lucia lost her eyesight after he was tortured due to her Christian beliefs.


Every Christmas Eve, Finns tend to visit saunas. The entire family will also gather and listen to the nationwide radio broadcast of “Peace of Christmas”. It is also customary to visit the graveyard of the departed ones to celebrate the Holiday Season with them. This is how they celebrate their worldwide Christmas traditions. 


Most people in Greece believe in the existence of the goblins “kallikantzeri”. According to the story, the goblins will appear on the 12 days of Christmas to cause mischief and chaos. Unlike most of the international Christmas traditions, the exchanging of gifts is usually done on the 1st day of January also known as St. Basil’s Day.


Canada seems to follow the same Christmas tradition as North America except for the Eskimos. They have a winter festival, which they name Sinck Tuck wherein they dance and exchange gifts.


In Ukraine, people traditionally prepare a 12-course meal. The youngest member of the family will watch from the window to wait for the appearance of the evening star. The evening star serves as their signal that the celebration of their worldwide Christmas traditions can start. 


Australia celebrates international Christmas traditions during the summer season. Throughout this time temperature can hit as high as a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, it is not surprising for Australians to celebrate Christmas on the beach. You can also normally see a family having an outdoor barbecue.


The French call Christmas Noel. The term Noel was derived from the phrase “Les Bonnes Nouvelles” which can literally be translated to “the good news” that generally refers to the gospel of the church. In the southern part of France, people tend to burn logs from Christmas Eve up to New Year. This is based on the old worldwide Christmas traditions wherein the farmers will utilize part of the logs for good luck and for a good harvest in the years to come.

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