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Taking the Train from Nice to Monaco (price, timetable etc)

monaco train gare nice ville

The easiest and fastest way to travel to Monaco from Nice is taking a Train. The other options are a bus (takes more than double the time), taxi or even a helicopter. Indeed, out of all 4 options a train is definitely the least expensive option 😉 Trains from Nice to Monaco depart from the main station Gare Nice Ville in the city centre, as well as from Nice-St-Augustin and Nice-Riquier. With a travel time of fewer than 30 minutes, you will also pass some of the most beautiful villages and towns on the Cote d’Azure, such as Eze and Villefranche-sur-Mer with its lovely Cap Ferrat, to only name a few.
Interesting Fun Fact: the front of Monaco Monte Carlo Train Station is located in Monaco, the backside of the station is actually in France 😉

What does the Train to Monaco from Nice cost? And where to buy your Ticket

There are three options to buy your train ticket in France. At the station, itself are either self-serving ticket machines (available in multiple languages) or ticket offices (if you feel too intimidated by machines). Another option I chose is the mobile ticket, paid online. Prior to my trip I already downloaded the app called “OUI.sncf” by the French transportation operator. Actually, to buy and manage my TGV train rides to Aix. But after I discovered huge lines for the ticket machines after arriving a bit rushed to Gare Nice Ville, I tried to buy my ticket online, and it worked perfectly. Within less than 60 seconds (about…), I had a valid ticket and was ready to head to platform number D for my TER train to Monaco. The price per adult (26 years of age and up) is 4,10€ per one-way ticket from Nice to Monaco, or from Monaco to Nice. If you’re aged between 12 to 25, the price is only 3,10€.

Nice – Monaco – Nice Train timetable

Trains from Nice to Monaco and Monaco to Nice run almost constantly. If you don’t have a fixed arrival time you should meet, I’d even recommend arriving by the train station at any given time, and just take the next train. You will never have to wait more than 30 minutes for the next one.
Below I have some examples of timetables for the departure and arrival times.

Train from Nice to Monaco

Nice Ville 08:06 – Monaco Monte Carlo 8:25
Nice Ville 08:22 – Monaco Monte Carlo 8:42
Nice Ville 08:39 – Monaco Monte Carlo 9:02
Nice Ville 08:52 – Monaco Monte Carlo 09:12
Nice Ville 09:07 – Monaco Monte Carlo 09:31
Nice Ville 09:36 – Monaco Monte Carlo 10:00
Nice Ville 10:06 – Monaco Monte Carlo 10:30
Nice Ville 10:38 – Monaco Monte Carlo 11:02

Train from Monaco to Nice

Monaco Monte Carlo 08:00 – Nice Ville 08:24
Monaco Monte Carlo 08:19 – Nice Ville 08:39
Monaco Monte Carlo 08:30 – Nice Ville 08:54
Monaco Monte Carlo 08:49 – Nice Ville 09:09
Monaco Monte Carlo 09:01 – Nice Ville 09:25
Monaco Monte Carlo 09:21 – Nice Ville 09:44
Monaco Monte Carlo 09:35 – Nice Ville 09:50 (TGV)
Monaco Monte Carlo 09:48 – Nice Ville 10:09

monaco train gare Monte Carlo TER

Gare Monaco Monte Carlo
Gare Monaco Monte Carlo
Gare Nice Ville
Gare Nice Ville
boarding the train from Nice to Monaco
boarding the train from Nice to Monaco


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