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Travel diary: Weekend in Hamburg with the Volvo C40 Pure Electric

woman leaning on Volvo C40 Fjord Blue in Hamburg
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Finally I was able to test drive the pure electric car Volvo C40 Pure Electric. However, not a classic car tester test drive, but rather to take a closer look at the car’s suitability for everyday use. How comfortable is it not to have a start button anymore, do you have any advantages as an electric car driver anyway, how does such an SUV coupe do in inner-city traffic as well as on the motorway? A full weekend in Hamburg with the Volvo C40 Pure Electric was the perfect testing ground. Sightseeing and getting to know the “Pure Electric”, i.e. the fully electric new Volvo. And, getting a preview of what’s to come from Volvo in the coming months. There will be some drastic changes coming that you surely didn’t expect. What exactly will they be? Read below my “Travel Diary“, the report of my weekend in Hamburg with the Volvo C40 Pure Electric.

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For more information on the Volvo C40 Pure Electric, check out the official Volvo website of your country, for example: Volvo Germany, Volvo UK, Volvo Italy, Volvo US or Volvo Global.

Travel Diary: a full weekend in Hamburg with the Volvo C40

Day 1: Arrival in Hamburg & to go sushi at the hotel

How convenient to work only half the day on Friday – so you can enjoy 2.5 days of weekend. And, catch an afternoon flight for a Friday evening arrival at the destination. After the two flights with Lufthansa, we went directly to the hotel on the Außenalster in Hamburg, the noble The Fontenay. To end the evening comfortably, a sushi platter was picked up from the sushi restaurant Gong. Located just around the corner from the hotel, you can pick up the delicious rolls on reusable plates, for a deposit of  €10 a box, and return them soon after. Noble sushi indulgence, cosy in a classy hotel room with free minibar. A more than perfect start to the weekend in Hamburg with the Volvo C40 Pure Electric.

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Volvo C40 Interior Rain raindrops
Volvo C40 Interior with raindrops on the windshield
Gong Sushi Hamburg Hotel The fontenay blog joydellavita
Sushi at the Hotel, The Fontenay Hamburg

Day 2: Exploring Hamburg with the Volvo C40 Pure Electric

You don’t need a car in the city centre? No way… especially in the city centre, a sporty car like the Volvo C40 Pure Electric is more than fun. And the big advantage? For example, you can park free of charge in the Hafencity and Speicherstadt areas up to the maximum parking time. Sightseeing without having to dig deep into your pocket for parking, great! The destinations of the second day of the weekend in Hamburg with the Volvo C40 Pure Electric included the Plaza of the Elbphilharmonie, as well as a walk across the Landungsbrücken, the area of the Sunday fish market including a visit to a Russian submarine via the Reeperbahn back to the Speicherstadt. For a late lunch just a classic Pannfisch in a small snack restaurant, as the breakfast buffet from the hotel was filling for a long time. Then more exploring without local emissions by electric car, and an elegant dinner at The Fontenay Restaurant Parkview. This didn’t go on too long though, as Hamburg is currently on curfew.

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Elphilharmonie as seen from Speicherstadt Hamburg in February blog joydellavita

female blogger visiting russian submarine hamburg blog joydellavita

blogger lisa taking picture fancy dinner luxury hotel hamburg fontenay blog joydellavita
blogger Lisa taking a picture of the fancy dinner at luxury hotel the fontenay

Day 3: a final tour of Hamburg, and saying goodbye to Volvo’s new electric car.

With the third day, the weekend in Hamburg with the Volvo C40 Pure Electric is slowly but surely coming to an end. The weather was not happy about the situation either and provided a rainy morning. Ideal to go to the museum and before that, once again, to have a delicious breakfast. The breakfast buffet at The Fontenay Hamburg is not to be missed! There is absolutely nothing to complain about in terms of the selection and quality of the food and the friendliness of the staff.

Afterwards, thanks to the Volvo electric car, we parked again free of charge in the Hafencity and visited the maritime museum. What an impressive museum on 9 floors, you should definitely plan more than 2 hours here. Then back to The Fontenay for a small lunch in the hotel restaurant with a direct view of the Outer Alster. Slowly the rain clouds disappeared, and the industrial Hamburg was discovered as the end of the day. Past mountains of containers to Harburg to see a cruise ship. Always visible, the imposing Elbphilharmonie.

Soon it was time to grab our suitcases and head back to Hamburg airport. In Frankfurt, we tried Tim Mälzer’s new Italian restaurant, Pezzo di Pane, and landed late at Lake Constance Airport. Tip: Lufthansa passengers can currently park for free at Bodensee Airport.

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driving speicherstadt hafencity hamburg

driving by cruise ship hamburg harburg

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