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Half Christmas tree for full Christmas feeling in small rooms and spaces

by european travelblogger Lisa



With a halved Christmas tree, a small apartment does not have to be a hindrance to not having enough space for a full Christmas tree. Traditionally, what could be more beautiful than a festively decorated tree, whether monochrome or multicoloured, with small or large lights, and various wrapped gifts underneath? Natural trees spread an additional-Christmas scent, but is it really necessary to cut down a tree every year, just for decoration purposes? In recent years, the quality of artificial Christmas trees has increased dramatically. In the meantime, the individual needles look much more real than they did a few years ago. Besides one can use this over several years, possibly even directly decorated again until the next celebration away pack, and has at the latest to New Year’s Eve no problem with falling down needles in the hundredfold. Sustainable and, unpopular opinion, but who needs already each year a different looking tree…

Innovative idea: Half Christmas tree with reduced size for small apartments

The latest innovation, regarding to high-quality artificial Christmas trees, is half Christmas trees – no space, no problem! The half Christmas tree can be positioned directly on a wall, for example, and thus also requires only half the space! From the brand Irfora, I found the following half tree. This one measures 1.85 meters in height, so it can definitely keep up with any classic “round” Christmas tree. This model also has steel feet which provide the half tree with sufficient stability. However, of course, it should still be noted that it is only a “half-round”, and such a half Christmas tree can topple over faster than a round with four legs (climbing children, animals or too much decoration). According to the manufacturer/vendor on Amazon, the package weighs almost 3 kg in total, including the steel stand.


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