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Luggage deposit at Milano centrale train station

by european travelblogger Lisa


Is there a luggage deposit at Milano Centrale train station? And how much does it cost? The main train station in Milan definitely offers a lot, especially connections to so many cities both nationally and internationally, as well as a few restaurants for a quick Italian-espresso-fix. But, what about the additional amenities for travellers, such as a luggage deposit or luggage lockers? Whether you have a few hour “layover” in-between trains (you arrive with a day-train in the late morning and want to catch an overnight train later the same day) or you have a late afternoon train and have to check out of your hotel well before noon, leaving your bags and belongings at the train station can free you for a day of sightseeing. Rules for museums are often quite strict in regards to backpacks (you aren’t even allowed a small bag inside the Last Supper Museum Cenacolo Vinciano), so, being as luggage free as possible for a sightseeing day in Milan is highly recommended!

Prices for luggage deposit at Milano centrale train station

First of all the uncomfortable news, there are no luggage lockers, but an actual luggage storage service. The “DEPOSITO BAGAGLI” at the Ki Point Service Center is situated on the ground floor of the commercial gallery. More or less, it’s situated one floor below the fast-food chain. Right below here you will find the description of how to walk inside the station, to directly find the luggage deposit at Milano Centrale train station.

At ki Point inside the station, on-site translated to “left luggage office”, you can not only stow your baggage, but it is also a postal office. You can also send out parcels from this exact store if needed. The luggage deposit office is open daily from 7 am till 9 pm. The fee per piece of luggage is 6 Euro for the first five hours of storage, any additional hour is 1 Euro/hour, any additional hour from the 13th hour onwards is 0.50 Euro/hour.

Prices for luggage deposit service at Milan Centrale train station, at the left luggage office KI Service

Prices for luggage deposit service at Milan Centrale train station, at the left luggage office KI Service

Directions on how to find the Ki Point left luggage office for Luggage deposit at Milano centrale train station

Upon entering the prestigious train station via the main entrance, enter via the “Biglietteria” doors and stay on this level, don’t go those long stairs up. You can also lookout for the blue signs “Deposito Bagagli” or “left luggage”. Nearby the escalator you will find a Mango store, follow the route towards the commercial area. After around 40 meters, turn right. As there is currently a one-way system established at the train station, follow the green arrows on the ground. Once you have reached the side entrance, you have already passed the ki point luggage deposit, which is located on the other side. Now walk back towards Treni/trains, and you will soon find the Ki point on your right-hand side. Again, it’s open daily from 7 am till 9 pm, more online here: instazione.shop/milano-centrale/servizi/mic_a0071

Alternative: lockers for luggage near the Milan train station

An alternative to the luggage storage service is the Stow Your Bags – Luggage Storage just a short 2-minute walk from the Centrale train station. This has numerous lockers for luggage, both smaller and larger (for up to two or four-hand luggage suitcases each), and is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Payment is only possible by card and the price starts at 1.99 euros/locker. More online at stowyourbags.com/en/shop/milan/luggage-storage-milan-central-station/
Address Stow Your Bags – Deposito Bagagli : Via Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, 22, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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