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Pad Thai in Stuttgart – GinYuu Restaurant at Milaneo Shopping Mall

Pad Thai, is probably my favourite Thai / Asian dish. Rice noodles, veggies, Tofu and delicious sauce, are a winning combination. Whenever I am in a foreign city, I look for Thai Restaurants to indulge in yet another version of my favourite meal. It’s different anywhere, but always tasty in its own way. For Pad Thai in Stuttgart in southern Germany, I went to GinYuu Pan-Asian-Pacific Restaurant at Milaneo Shopping Mall. Located right across the entrance to the famous public library in Stuttgart, I already wrote about it in the past, you can find GinYuu in Stuttgart. On a perfect summer day, not too hot and not too windy/chilly, I sat outside the restaurant on their terrace for Lunch.

GinYuu is a restaurant chain with several restaurants across Germany offering Pan-Asian-pacific dishes. In Stuttgart, they have only one restaurant, at a lively shopping mall just one public transport station from the main train station. In the afternoon, the terrace was quite lively, but not yet super packed; you could easily find a spot to sit. As they do not offer Spezi I went for a Lemonade, both sweet and fresh Sweet Passion Fruit Lemonade for 3,95€ per 0,5 Litre. As GinYuu offers Pan-Asian-Pacific dishes, with anything from Sushi to Fried Rice, with so many options, as a shared starter we agreed on fried spring rolls for 4,95€ per 6 rolls. The serving of those was extraordinary, and the complimenting dip tasted even better than usual. It seemed like it was homemade with sesame seeds and a decent taste of curry.
Unfortunately, the starter and the main meals were served at the same time, but it anyway seemed that the staff was pretty irritated that day (a table next to us ordered 2 Coke Light, and they received one regular and one light – how can something like this happen?!).
For other dishes, check out the menu online in English here.

Previously I have already visited other Restaurants in Stuttgart, also Hans im Glück Burger Chain at Milaneo right next to GinYuu.

Address GinYuu Stuttgart Milaneo Shopping Mall

Mailänder Platz 7
70173 Stuttgart
closest underground station: Stadtbibliothek ( U )
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 11 AM – 11 PM, Sunday 12 PM – 9 PM

Pictures: Spring Rolls and Pad Thai in Stuttgart at GinYuu

Sweet Passion Fruit Lemonade (3,95€ per 0,5l ) -- Pad Thai Stuttgart GinYuu Milaneo -
Sweet Passion Fruit Lemonade (3,95€ per 0,5l )
Fried Spring Rolls by GinYuu (3,95€) -- Pad Thai Stuttgart GinYuu Milaneo -
Fried Spring Rolls by GinYuu (4,95€)
Pad Thai (7,95€) -- Pad Thai Stuttgart GinYuu Milaneo -
Pad Thai (7,95€)
GinYuu Stuttgart Milaneo -- Pad Thai Stuttgart GinYuu Milaneo -
GinYuu Stuttgart Milaneo

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