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Tasmanian Tiger TT Modular Hip Bag II – Review by a female Traveler

Can I recommend the Tasmanian Tiger TT Modular Hip Bag II? As a frequent traveller with a penchant for both urban exploration and outdoor adventures, I’ve always struggled to find the perfect hip bag that seamlessly blends style and functionality. The outdoor-themed hip bag that I already own for a few years now was excellent for hikes and outdoor adventures, but it screamed “adventurer,” and I needed something that could easily transition from rugged terrains to city streets. That’s when I discovered the Tasmanian Tiger TT Modular Hip Bag II, and it will become an indispensable companion on my upcoming journeys from city explorations to travel of all sorts of modes (trains, road trips, boats, planes, …). If you want it to be even more versatile, you can also use it on the public playground to keep your belongings safe, while chasing a toddler or the rare moment of unwinding on a playground bench.

The Stylish and Functional Tasmanian Tiger TT Modular Hip Bag II: A Travel Companion

Craftsmanship and Durability

The Tasmanian Tiger Modular Hip Bag II lives up to the brand’s reputation for exceptional craftsmanship. The impeccable seams and absence of loose threads are a testament to its quality. The use of Cordura fabric makes this bag exceptionally robust and durable. No need to worry about hot sun or rain – this bag can withstand it all.

Functionality and Design

One of the standout features of this bag is its flexibility. Despite its compact size, it can hold an impressive amount. The bag boasts four compartments, each designed with purpose in mind.

At the front, a convenient Velcro pocket provides quick access to essentials like sunglasses, snacks, or even dog waste bags if you need them. Behind it, a small zippered compartment is perfect for flat items like a cardholder or in general more valuable items.

The main compartment, secured by a double all-around zipper, surprised me with its capacity. It measures approx. 26 cm in width, approx. 15 cm in height. I could easily fit three 0.5-litre bottles alongside other necessities. Inside the lid, four flexible loops offer storage for items like a first-aid kit.

In the back, closest to your body, there is also a slim compartment with a zipper. It is best used for flat items, such as a smartphone or two and measures approx. 19 cm in length and is approx. 11 cm high.

big compartment Tasmanian Tiger TT Modular Hip Bag II
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Comfort and Versatility

The bag’s 110cm carrying strap offers various wearing options, from around the waist to diagonally over the shoulder. Additionally, it can be removed and attached to Molle-equipped vests using the included polymer clips, providing adaptability for different activities.

Room for Improvement

While the Tasmanian Tiger TT Modular Hip Bag II is impressive, it’s not without a few missed opportunities. Adding a D-ring inside the main compartment for securing keys or small tools would have been a practical addition. Another D-ring in the front compartment would also enhance functionality.

A built-in rain cover in the rear zip pocket would have been a thoughtful touch for travellers like me who encounter unpredictable weather. But, as the main compartment is so voluminous, you will surely (have to) find a small umbrella that fits easily.

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my Review of the Tasmanian Tiger TT Modular Hip Bag II as a female Traveler, looking for a durable but slightly stylish hip bag for city exploration and travel

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Modular Hip Bag II strikes a remarkable balance between style and functionality. Its versatile design and ample storage make it an ideal companion for a range of activities, whether you’re exploring the city or embarking on outdoor adventures. While there are a few areas for improvement, this hip bag offers durability, flexibility, and a touch of urban sophistication that’s hard to beat. It’s a valuable addition to any traveller’s gear collection and could even make for a thoughtful gift for the wanderer in your life.

front pocket Tasmanian Tiger TT Modular Hip Bag II
Tasmanian Tiger TT Modular Hip Bag II

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