Ballaro Market – Paradise for Foodies in Palermo

Ballaro is one of the oldest markets in Palermo. It is a heaven on earth and amusement both alike. Ballaro Market is a definite must for tourists in Palermo!


Ballaro Market Palermo

The Ballaro Market is more than recommended for Foodies in Palermo. It is a heaven on earth and amusement both alike. You will find an unprecedented variety of people, locals as well as tourists. Locals in their sweats, locals in their chic gowns, locals in their business attire, and tourists in the same span of clothing. Whenever you visit Palermo, make sure to visit Ballaro Market at least once. Fresh produce, cheese of own production, typical freshly prepared street food, and a hustle and bustle without equality.

History of Ballaro Market, Palermo’s most famous Food Market

Ballaro is one of the oldest markets in Palermo. It’s an outdoor market famous for selling fresh fruits from the countryside nearby. But you can also find some vendors selling household items and meat and fish. There are various markets in Palermo, each with a focus on something else. Other street markets in Palermo are Vucciria, Il Capo, Lattarini and Mercato delle Pulci. To read more about what kind of street food they are selling, amongst a vast variety of other snacks, check out my post on typical Street Food in Palermo.

Where to find Ballaro Market in Palermo

You can find the Ballaro Market in the heart of Palermo, dotted in between old houses in the Albergheria district. It goes from Piazza Casa Professa to Porta Sant’Agata. With so many street vendors, you can definitely not overlook Ballaro Market when walking around Palermo.

Address Mercato di Ballaro: Via Ballaro, 90134 Palermo PA, Italy

Palermo Travel Guide

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