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How far is Brixen from Innsbruck ?

Brixen is a popular destination in South Tyrol. Travelling by Train from Austria, you can reach Italy in just around 1,5 hours from Innsbruck. Perfect for a day-trip on the weekends. With the upcoming Brenner Base Tunnel, travel time will be even cut to only 30 minutes. But, how far is Brixen from Innsbruck? And how to travel in between both cities? As Innsbruck Airport connects various destinations internationally with the Tyrolean capital area, it might be an splendid destination for tourists visiting South Tyrol. Therefore I have concluded all possible forms of transportation in between Brixen and Innsbruck, including the individual travel time.

How to travel in between Innsbruck and Brixen

Innsbruck to Brixen by Car

It might sound like the easiest way of travel, to some, to travel by car. If you want to drive from Innsbruck to Brixen or vice versa, you should plan 70 minutes of driving time, for 85 km. Including toll routes. If you want to save those few bucks, you should schedule around 100 minutes for 83 km.

Innsbruck to Brixen by Train

My personal favourite way of transportation in between Tyrol and South Tyrol – by Train. Trains run frequently and you get to enjos the beautiful scenery. As the Innsbruck to Verona route is a popular and well frequented one (for both freight and passenger trains), the most various types of trains run frequently, too. Just make sure to check your connection, as sometimes you have to change trains for example at Brenner / Brennero, or if there is a direct one, too.
Price for a train ride from Innsbruck to Brixen
Depending on the type of train you take, and your time of booking the ticket prior to the ride, prices vary between 17,30€ (1 stop) and 19,30 Euros (direct) per adult in second class, one-way. The travel time is between 1:31 h and 2:01 h.

Innsbruck to Brixen by FlixBus

Long-distance buses are a great alternative to trains and personal cars. You are, literally, not bound to rails and, as a passenger, you are still able to enjoy the views, and amenities like free wifi and more. Currently, there are up to 5 direct routes from Innsbruck to Brixen per day by international long-distance bus operator FlixBus. As FlixBus prices vary massively, depending on how many seats are already booked, it’s not easy to predict a fixed price. For the upcoming days, I have found rates starting at 7,99€ per adult for the ride from Innsbruck to Brixen. What a bargain! The highest price I found, however, was 15,99€ – still a stellar price.
In the past I have already written about my experience with FlixBus, if you are interested to read more.

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