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Day Trip Liverpool Winter January Travelblog JoyDellaVita

Travel Diary: 1 Day Trip to Liverpool

The wind was blowing so hard in Liverpool, I could barely move forward, not even one tiny step at a time. It was definitely not a perfect day for a walk by the water near […]

St Gallen in Winter JoyDellaVita
Saint Gall | St Gallen

Travel Diary: St. Gallen in Winter

Depending on the season, Cities can turn into something completely different. In Summer 2015 I visited St. Gallen in Switzerland for the first time. The sun was shining like there was no tomorrow and it […]

Rome Italy Travel Diary JoyDellaVita Travelblog
Rome | Roma

Travel Diary: 24h in Rome in May

Having just 24h in Rome is way too short! Even though a stay in Rome should be as long as ever possible I tried to do my best and explore as much as possible. Due […]

Offenburg Travel Diary JoyDellaVita

Travel Diary: 2 hours in Offenburg, Southern Germany

Offenburg in southern Germany surprised me this past weekend – what a beautiful city! Just 20 km east of Straßbourg in France you should definitely visit Offenburg, the administrative capital of the Ortenaukreis. From the […]

Antalya in the rain

Travel Diary: Antalya in the rain

Antalya in the rain is still beautiful. Visiting a City when it rains can suck, or you can embrace it and enjoy the empty streets. As the temperatures are in summer still hot enough, when […]

Heringsdorf Usedom BalticSea Travel JoyDellaVita

Travel Diary: 1 hour in Heringsdorf / Isle of Usedom

Usedom Island is Germany’s second largest island and one of Germany’s major holiday and recreation areas. Heringsdorf is a small town on the island which is especially loved by tourists, and locals. The Isle is […]

Travel Diary 24h in Amsterdam JoyDellaVita
Amsterdam, Travel

Travel Diary: 24h in Amsterdam

The 24h in Amsterdam is this time totally overrated as I barely had half a day of free time to explore Amsterdam as I went to Amsterdam for the European Brand Launch of BESV, an […]

Seepark in Hard at Lake Constance
Hard, Travel

Seepark in Hard at Lake Constance

This is a rather short Travel Diary from my recent visit to the Seepark in Hard in Vorarlberg in Austria at Lake Constance as I just spent about 30 minutes there. Basically, I went to […]