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Video: Day Trip Pompeii in Winter Season


Pompeii, a both astonishing and sad place. From Naples in Italy, I took a Train for a Day Trip to Pompeii in Winter Season. February was a nice month for a visit, as there were barely any other Tourists. Before sharing more Articles about Naples and Pompeii, both the new and old town, here a short Video of my Day Trip to Pompeii. There is so much to see!

Camera: HUAWEI Mate 8
Music: Kygo – Happy Life


02 comments on “Video: Day Trip Pompeii in Winter Season

  • wallaceen3 , Direct link to comment

    Great Video my dear, thanks for sharing! I loved getting to know more of what its like to visit Pompeii and the experience for a visitor. But it seemed quite cold when you visited, is it always colder? Cheers

    • Lisa , Direct link to comment

      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the Video! As Pompeii is situated in the southern part of Italy its generally rather warm, than cold.. however, I did visit the area of Naples and Pompeii in winter, so warm clothes were a necessity 🙂 Just check the weather forecast before your trip to see if you need a beanie or not. However the advantage is that there are less (other) tourists in winter, than in summer!

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