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What I pack for an after-work hiking picnic trip

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Just escaping the corporate world, enjoying nature and going on an after-work hiking picnic trip. Doesn’t this sound blissful? If you’re lucky to work for only 4.5 days a week, this additional half free day will be your sacred spot. The weekend is fine but often so busy with appointments and activities, but this additional free noon afternoon. This is the time to enjoy and do things you normally wouldn’t do. So, pack your regular work day pack in the morning, add some additional bits and bops, and you are ready. Ready for adventure, ready for recreation, more so to enjoy. Leaving the office and heading straight out.

Out to nature, into the woods, to the mountains. Whatever pleases you, whatever is nearby. The latter is actually a great hidden advantage. You don’t need to drive or travel for several hours to enjoy some nature-time, what about what’s closest to you? Those spots are usually the best. Also, it can become a mission for you to hunt for the best local spot. Best if it’s really an only-known-to-locals place. Read below what I usually pack when I go on an after-work hiking picnic trip, with my trusty Osprey Archeon 25 Hiking Pack.

How I pack for an after-work hiking picnic trip

Sure, you can have a great time and pack absolutely nothing. But, it’s always nice to be prepared and have a few things on hand. Not always will it be possible to buy something onsite, so it is better to be prepared and have your food and snacks ready.

  • iPad
  • blanket
  • cosy zipper sweater
  • warm, thick socks (active/sports socks)
  • lamp/light source
  • sunnies
  • sitting pad
  • small cooler bag with small cool packs
  • mixed salad in a reusable bowl (or whatever else you like for picnic food)
  • fruit such as apple, pear, banana, grapes,…
  • cutlery and plate/plastic tableware
  • disinfectant wipes, wet wipes, anti-bacterial gel, face mask
  • mints
  • camera tripod/selfie stick

Why the Osprey Archeon 25 Hiking Pack is the versatility backpack king

The Osprey Archeon 25 Hiking Pack is the perfect partner in crime if you want to combine both corporate life with the fun adventure life. The backpack features a padded laptop sleeve and intelligent organizer solutions, is yet very durable and is equipped with a removable hip belt and a fully adjustable AirScape™ back panel with foam ridges for comfort and fit. The backpack is made of recycled and sustainable materials and with a volume of 25 L and dimensions of 55 cm / 31 cm / 23 cm ideal for every adventure that is to come, in cities as well as in nature. I will write more about the features and my experience with the Osprey Archeon 25 Hiking Pack in the future. Make sure to read everything else I have to say about my favourite outdoor gear company, Osprey.

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