What to know before your first flight with Wizz Air

Have you ever heard about WizzAir? The airline with the pink and purple colour scheme, operates flights primarily in European countries. If you are thinking about booking your first flight with WizzAir, or have just been googling ”what is Wizz air” as you have probably seen an advertisement and want to know more about the airline. Whatever your intentions are, you are golden here. Find here a few first facts about Wizz Air, a review of my own Wizzair flight will be published shortly.

7 things to know about WizzAir before your first flight

Have you ever heard about WIZZ Air before? Well, you might be familiar with RyanAir and easyJet, prominent low-cost airlines. If you are interested in low-priced flights you should definitely not overlook the Hungarian Airline WIZZ Air.
To help you get a clue about WIZZ, their types of tickets and luggage rules regarding weight and size, more are down below for you.

WizzAir Route Network

Despite the struggles the tourism industry faces regarding the worldwide pandemic, WIZZ Air is expanding its network of destinations. To no surprise that then, new Routes are being launched in 2021. One of those new destinations is Dubai and Abu Dhabi in Saudi Arabia, with Flight Times of 5:35 h for the Budapest (BUD) to Dubai International Airport (DXB) Route, or 6 h for the return flight.

For a general overview of the destinations served by WIZZ Air, check out this page on the WIZZ Air Website: wizzair.com/en-gb/flights/

Find the cheapest WIZZ Air Flight Fares on WIZZair.com

As always with low-cost airlines, it is recommended to book directly via their website. This usually ensures the best possible prices and deals. Make also sure to subscribe to their newsletter, to get ahead of possible discounts or new routes. Flights for just $0.27 (or $0.45 per hour) aren’t too common, but definitely possible on certain promotional tickets.

WIZZ Air Baggage Size – Cabin Baggage / Hand luggage and checked Bags max sizes and max weight

For sure there are also restrictions regarding both size and weight regarding cabin baggage on WIZZ Air Flights. Depending on your ticket, you can take either one or two bags with you on board. Both of those bags or trolleys are restricted in both weight and measurements.

Allowed Cabin Baggage on WIZZ Air

  • free carry-on bag (40 x 30 x 20 cm, 10kg max) [placed under the seat in front of you, not in the overhead compartment!]
  • Trolley bag (55 x 40 x 23 cm, max 10 kg) [for the overhead compartment]

One of those always complimentary included bags would be the size of a Fjallraven Kanken Original (not the Kanken Big or Kanken Laptop Versions, those are slightly too big)

Regarding checked-in baggage, there are three options available. Either included In a ticket bundle or available to be purchased extra/later. The difference is in weight only, which is 13 Euros for 10 kg, 16.50 Euros for 20 kg or 26.50 Euros for 32 kg.
When booking a ticket for just one person, I would have been able to add 6 x 20 kg checked bags for 99 Euros in total, or 6 x 32 kg for 159 Euros. Actually, not a bad value for money!
Sports equipment like ski, snowboard, surf equipment, bicycles, golf bags, etc. packed in a pouch will cost you 40 Euros.

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WIZZ Air OnBoard Service – Food and Drinks

No matter how short or long your flight with WIZZ Air might be, of course, there will be an optional meal service. In no Tickets are drinks or food included, hence you will have to pay even for a glass of water. But due to the exclusion of such amenities, the ticket prices can be as low as they are. In another blog post, I have already written the WizzAir Café in-flight menu down for you, including the food and beverages price list. Current example prices are 4.50 Euro for a salami or cheese sandwich, 3.50 Euro for soup, 3 Euro for a coffee or 2.50 Euro for a 0.5L bottle of water. No supermarket prices, but maybe even cheaper than what you can get at the airport in the departure area. Comparing prices is recommended! On-Board you will be able to pay either with cash, or Visa/MasterCard.

WIZZ Air Onboard Entertainment

Given WIZZ Air is a budget airline, you won’t find shiny screens anywhere onboard. No touchscreens mounted inside the back of the seat in front of you, now general displays showing the flight status. However, isn’t it also great to now and then unplug and just do nothing, or watch the scenery below pass by? Otherwise, you will find the WIZZ Air Magazine in the personal pouch in front of you, for some light reading. Additionally, it is always recommended to bring your own entertainment, such as a book or ebook reader, headphones or pre-downloaded movies on a mobile device. With usual flight times of less than three hours or up to six hours for the currently longest WIZZ Air Flight, you won’t be too bored, hopefully!

Different Types of WIZZ Air Tickets

When booking Tickets directly via the WIZZ Website, you have a choice of three different ticket types.

The cheapest is BASIC. As the ticket type name suggests, it’s a very very, basic tariff. It includes the transportation of yourself, as well as a free small carry-on bag. You can read more about the two types of carry-on baggage in the baggage size topic above. Also, online check-in is available up to 2 days before departure. And, that’s it.

If you want to have more included, the next more expensive option is WIZZ Go. This option includes, additionally, a trolley bag inside the cabin as well as a 20kg checked-in bag, free seat selection (excluding rows 1 to 4 and extra legroom seats), Priority Boarding of the aircraft, Priority check-in lines, Online check-in up to 30 days before departure as well as free airport and the online check-in.

For even more flexibility, there is WIZZ PLUS & FLEX, in addition, this includes a 32 kg bag (instead of a 29 keg one in GO).

However, it’s recommended to definitely analyse all ticket options and your actual needs. For example, I was interested in Priority Boarding but was travelling with a backpack only, so there was no need for the checked 20 kg bag in WIZZ GO. So, I proceeded with the BASIC Tariff and added Priority (including Priority Boarding of the aircraft and two pieces of luggage on board), which in the end was cheaper than booking GO. If you rather want to check your bag and enjoy Priority, the GO might be the better solution for you. It surely depends on your needs. Also, you can select different ticket types per route within one booking. For example BASIC for the outbound flight, and if you plan to shop at the destination, GO for the return flight.

You can also join the WIZZ Discount Club for special prices on bundles if you aim to become a frequent WIZZ Air Traveller. More online here.

fleet of WIZZ Air Planes

Similar to other low-cost airlines, having a standardized fleet of aircraft reduces costs. Eventual spare parts can be bought in bulk and used on more planes, technicians can be experts for the whole fleet and won’t need special training for each different aircraft. The same of course goes for onboard crew and pilots as well. Between an Airbus A320 and A321 aren’t that many differences, but between a Boeing 747 and an Airbus A380 sure are (compared to fleets of other Airlines, such as Lufthansa). Due to this advantage, WIZZ Air only uses Airbus of the A32X family. Those narrow-body jet airliners can be used both for short- and medium-haul flights. In Detail, WIZZ has the following aircraft in their international fleet: A320, A320NEO, A321 and now new for their Saudi-Arabia Routes the A321NEO. If you are curious about the exact aircraft used for your flight, you can check the type as well as registration of the plane and its age, easily on Flightradar24, flightradar24.com/data/airlines/w6-wzz/routes

Do you have any further questions regarding flight experiences on WIZZ Air Flights? Or are you primarily interested in (future) WIZZ Trip Reports? Let me know via the anonymous contact form!

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