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In the past, McDonald’s Italy used to have a vegetarian burger on their menu. Actually, their original McVeggie was my absolute favourite McDonald’s Burger worldwide. But as it was only a temporary offer to celebrate EXPO 2015 in Milan, they discontinued it at some point but had another meat-free option available. The “new” McVeggie was not comparable to the phenomenal 2015 McVeggie, but still a good option. Nonetheless, they discontinued this one as well. So, now in 2018, there is no meat-free burger available at McDonald’s Italy. And even besides Fries, the vegetarian food options at McDonalds Italy are very very limited. Like, you almost have no other choice (than eating somewhere else). However, I gave two of their current vegetarian options a try, the “Le Riche Cheddar” and the Mozzarella McBites. Actually quite ridiculous to eat two meals with cheese, but I simply had to try both (and didn’t want to go to a McDonald’s twice.)

As part of the sides, the “I Contorni”, you will actually find quite a few vegetarian options, such as
“Le Riche Cheddar” (as well as “Le Riche Cheese & Bacon”), Patatine (regular fries), or Carotine Baby. Other options can be found as “Le Sfiziosita”, the Snacks, such as Crochette di Spinachi e Parmigiano Reggiano, an actual piece of Parmigiano Reggiano Parmesan Cheese, and Mozzarella McBites.
Fries with hot cheese sauce is actually something super delicious, such as the ones from Shake Shack, but the McDonald’s version, woof, what was a huge downgrade in comparison. For a price of 2,60€ per portion, you will receive your fries in a paper basket, covered in fine lines of warm cheese sauce. The portion of fries itself actually felt quite small, for the price, however, the cheese sauce was just not sufficient at all for all the fries (if you want to have at least each of the fries dipped a bit in the cheese sauce). Unfortunately, the bigger disappointment were the Mozzarella McBites for 1,70€. They were hard, the cheese not melted at all, and they don’t even serve those four cheese balls with a sauce (like they do at McDonalds Spain). All in all, I can only “recommend” the Le Riche Fries, if you like hot cheese sauce, but would definitely recommend either ordering a second portion of cheese sauce, or another ketchup to dip the fries in.

McDonalds Italy Le Riche Cheddar Fries with cheese sauce
McDonalds Italy Le Riche Cheddar Fries with cheese sauce
McDonalds Italy Mozzarella McBites
McDonalds Italy Mozzarella McBites


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