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What you can buy at a Bruno Banani Outlet Store

Bruno Banani has always been a perfume brand to me, according to their advertisement. But a lingerie and underwear/homeware brand? This has honestly been quite a surprise. At Montabaur Style Outlet I have spotted a Bruno Banani Outlet Store with big excitement. As I now know, Bruno Banani is a german label for perfume, home wear and underwear, for both males and females. The company was founded back in 1993 in Leipzig. In Montabaur the Bruno Banani Outlet Store offers a few highly reduced goods, as well as plenty of still sufficiently reduced pieces. Only shopping for myself in the female section, I haven’t paid any attention to the male section of the outlet store, but luckily I have made a few good purchases. A thin wireless bra for 5 Euro, a sports bra for 14,95 or silk bralettes in black and white for 9,95 Euro each. Just under 10 Euros for a high-quality bra, that’s definitely a stellar deal in my opinion!

Bruno Banani Outlets in Europe

If you are interested in buying some lingerie for yourself or another person, I can definitely recommend a visit to a Bruno Banani Outlet Store. In Europe, you can find those underwear shops in the following Outlet Shopping Centres:


    • Parndorf (in between Vienna & Bratislava)
    • Wals-Himmelreich (Salzburg)


    • Roppenheim (near the german border and Rastatt & Baden-Baden)


    • Wustermark (Berlin)
    • Chemnitz-Mittelbach
    • Sandersdorf-Brehna (Leipzig/Halle)
    • Marl
    • Montabaur
    • Neumünster
    • Wolfsburg
    • Zweibrücken


    • Brenner / Brennero (at the austrian-italian border)


    • Roermond

Due to possible changes and new openings, check out the list of Bruno Banani Stores on their official website:

Additionally, make sure to check the website of the outlet centres before a visit for eventual special discounts. It’s good if you are not too strict on a certain day, as they sometimes already announce special shopping weeks in advance, so you might want to adjust your travel schedule accordingly. Also, sometimes you can sign up to an Outlet Centre VIP Club for free, to receive an extra 20% off, in exchange for an email address. And an additional -20% plus already -30% equal to a stellar half of the usual retail price (-50% off), which definitely is a really good deal.

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