How to: Instagram TOP NINE 2020 for free without an email address


How to create Instagram Top Nine 2020 for free without email blog joydellavita

How can you actually create these Instagram TOP NINE posts, for free and without giving away your personal email address? Here in this Blogpost, you will learn it step by step. The Top 9 Posts are a nice way of rewinding a current year. All those memories … mostly at home in 2020. But maybe you have posted a selfie with a dear friend in summer, or went on a vacation somewhere near the city you are living in? So you might be curious, which photo post on Instagram received the most likes? Or how many likes did a certain Celebrity receive in total? (Hint: Kim Kardashian received 1.1 Billion Likes in 2020 on her 399 Instagram Posts – that’s an average of 2.8 million likes per picture according to CreatorKit/Top Nine!) To find those numbers out for your Account you have to go to the respective website However, this is how it was done in the past, TOP NINE is now part of Creator Kit, from topnine you will be redirected to this new website.

Tutorial: Free Instagram TOP NINE 2020 Generator

On the CreatorKit website (direct link:, you will find everything you are looking for in the upper area – the possibility to create your own collage from your most popular photos on Instagram. Further down the page, there is a link to the TOP NINE app, but it also works directly from the website.

Now enter the exact username of your Instagram account in the username field. Including any underscore and number, you may use in your account name. By the way, you can also enter any other Instagram account name, like Kylie Jenner’s, Barack Obama’s or @CaroDaur. In this video, we’ll now look at, among other things, the TOP 9 pictures on Instagram from Caro Daur. To do this, I typed in the name and confirmed this via the Enter key.

Now you are asked to enter an email address so that you later receive a link to your own Top NINE creation if searching through the account with all the likes takes too long… Unfortunately, you can’t avoid this step, but you can also just type anything into the field for the email address, as you can see in the video above.

And after a few seconds, the Top NINE 2020 collage from Caro Daur’s Insta account is created. By clicking on “more templates” you will be referred back to the Top 9 app, so now either take a screenshot of the Top 9 result or click on “share”. Here you now have the choice of a total of 5 designs, select your favourite, and it will be downloaded to your device. It works from a computer as well as from a smartphone or tablet! If you want to create the Top NINE 2020 Collage for another account, just click on the “Creator Kit” logo on the left side of the website to return to the homepage and type in a new username. Keep in mind, you must type in an email address each time…

Caro Daur 21 Million Likes on Instagram in 2020
Caro Daur received more than 21 Million Likes on Instagram in 2020

So, how many posts did you create this year, and how many likes did you get in total? As I have only uploaded four pictures in 2020, so far, to the JoyDellaVita Instagram Account, I have not even received 1k likes.. maybe more next year? Share your results as a comment below the video on YouTube!

Sharing your TOP NINE 2020 Pictures on Social Media

After you have downloaded your results or took a screenshot, you for sure want to share the result on Social Media. If you do so, make sure to include the following two hashtags #topnine and #topnine2020. This guarantees your post a broader audience as I, too, really like to browse other TOP NINE results, so others will discover your post and eventually like your content and start following you 😉

Now I already wish you a happy new year 2021. And, of course, some pleasant remaining days in 2020!

Instagram Top Nine 2020 Kim Kardashian
Instagram Top Nine 2020 Kim Kardashian




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