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Bunga Bunga Podcast about Silvio Berlusconi – Listen to this!

A truly captivating podcast in this latest “Listen to this”-recommendation. Silvio Berlusconi, what a man. He is also imagined to be the third secret role model of US President Donald Trump, right after Putin and Kim. The man in question is simply unique, fortunately! Berlusconi is probably known to most people as a true Playboy, although he is actually an Italian politician as well as an entrepreneur. Even though his slick and smooth face definitely doesn’t show, meanwhile he has reached the spry age of 83 (he was born in 1936). In these 8 decades, Silvio Berlucsoni has indeed experienced more than 10 regular men. More women, more money, more scandals. But, who exactly is the man Silvio Berlusconi actually, and how did his infamous statement “Bunga Bunga” come about? All this and more is discussed by WonderyMedia’s English-language podcast “Bunga Bunga”.

The full 8 podcast episodes, each about 45 minutes long, are available on Wondery, additionally they are (not all episodes yet) also stream-able on both Spotify or Apple podcasts. The Bunga Bunga podcast about Silvio Berlusconi has been available since 8 September 2020.

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By the way, the spokeswoman for the Bunga Bunga podcast is the charming Whitney Cummings, below a short video that she posted on Twitter for the launch of the podcast:

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